Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make-over Update

It feels great waking up in the morning in our bedroom in the main floor. Hubby finished repainting it the other night. He did the bath last night. We are so happy with the new colors on our wall. Isabelle's room also has a new dramatic color on the walls. The girl has been really excited, even though at one point, she pretended to be crying not wanting to let go of the lavender color. Funny.

We can't wait for all the projects to be completed. Right now, we still have plastic taped on the walls in the living room, dining and kitchen. Somehow, we managed to be able to use the areas even with all the stuff hanging on the walls. Thankfully, we can use our bedroom, Izzy's room and bath now. We had to be able to make our bedroom in the basement ready for our guest who is coming today from Malaysia. She will be living with us for three months.

We are waiting for our friend to finish the work on the ceiling in the main floor. After that, hubby repaints it and the walls. Finally, new carpet will be installed. We are getting there. Hopefully, the entire project will be completed a week before my surgery, so I can at least enjoy the new look of our main floor.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Our family is currently camping out in our basement because the main floor of our house in under a few renovations. We can't wait for the work to be completed. It has been a little inconvenient to see most of our stuff in the closets upstairs jam-packed in the basement. Our pool table downstairs is holding a lot of clothes. Last night, I couldn't help being bothered by the sight of all the clothes on the pool table that I covered it with a big window scarf. It just looked so disorganized... plus Izzy's toys are all over the floor. I started to breathe better as soon as I was done covering the clothes.

I really thank the Lord for the sunshine today. The last few days was a little bit depressing being that we were not able to go out because of the weather. We were stuck in the basement. Actually, living in our basement is not bad at all. It's nice to be able to use our guest room, bathroom and living room in this floor for a week and a half now... it feels like we are in a hotel. What's even nicer is that I'm so close to Paul's office, which vacant space I turned into a craft area. Izzy and I just need our afternoon walks and we are fine. But the cold, windy and rainy weather the past few days kept us inside most of the day.

Last night, hubby informed me that there will be a little delay on our re-carpeting. We chose a really nice texture-patterned carpet last week. The carpet store had to order it and it's not ready until 10 days. That only means that we will be in the basement until at least the 20th of this month. I'm a little worried now because we are expecting a guest from Malaysia next week. I just hope that we could at least make our house look decent before she arrives. Hubby did say that for major changes like what we are doing in our main floor now could sometimes take 6 months, so to have it for less than a month is really good. So, I guess I have to gird myself up for this. But the thought of having a new beautiful look in our house excites me.

What we are doing in our main floor are the following:

1. Replace all doors with a Alder doors. Hubby (THE painter) already stained and lacquered it. They look so sleek.

2. Replace all the woodwork with Poplar wood. The woodworker should be able to complete it today. Tomorrow, hubby starts enameling it. We decided to use linen white paint versus plain white. The woodwork is double the width of the previous one and is very smooth.

3. Finish the process of changing the ceiling from popcorn to knock-down.

4. Paint the walls... with bright colors. I am a fan of bright colors. I like to say, cool neutral colors are boring and that they aren't really colors. I love deep colors... but they must not be in a primary and secondary color wheel.

5. Improvise a multi-media furniture from the cherry-lacquered furniture we already have at our house for our main living room.

6. Re-carpet. We are so excited about our new carpet. It's top-of-the-line texture-patterned carpet. Thanks to one of hubby's friends who is a re-modeler, we got our carpet very affordable. Otherwise, there was no way we would go for it for its cost. Blessings come in different forms!

7. Replace cabinet doors... may not happen before this year ends though. We are not sure whether to enamel or lacquer the cabinets. If they are Alder doors, I would definitely want them lacquered. Otherwise, enamel is pretty too with a deep bright wall color.

Can't wait for the new look of our main floor!