Friday, February 29, 2008

My One and Only sister, Grace!

Grace and Papa Piolo! Wowie! In case you don't know Piolo Pascual... He is one of the most popular movie actors in the Philippines, who goes to the church that Grace and I go in Manila. In fact, I took this picture of them right after the church service at a restaurant beside the church.

Who can be funnier than my sister! She sat on MacDonald's lap without asking for his permission first. But MacDonald's looks like having a great time with Grace on his lap.

Grace is very pretty, just like me! Lol!

We love picture taking! We love fun!!! Lots of fun!!!

Lights... Camera... say cheeesssse! Grace didn't get to say cheese because she put red glue on her lips instead of lipstick. "It was my bad!" I've been so envious of her white teeth! LOL!

This was taken infront of Glorieta Mall in Makati.

Just por pun!

Izzy and the Laundry Basket

One of Izzy's favorite things to do when she turned one was pushing the laundry basket around the house. She seemed like she never got tired of it. It was very fun to see her do this!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Greatest Gift

On my birthday, I got a call from a friend. She called to thank me for the package of Bible and other goodies that I sent her. She said that the gifts I sent gave her so much joy. She has been without a Bible for a couple years now and she has been feeling so hungry for God and His Word. She finally came to the point where she desires that her relationship with the Lord will be restored. What a wonderful way of celebrating my birthday! I felt so blessed that God used me to bless my friend. I felt the kind of joy that I've never felt on my previous birthdays.

Birthday- Dina

Yesterday was my birthday. Paul, our daughter and I went out to eat at a restaurant. Then we came back home for cake and gifts. Paul wrote me a wonderful letter- expressing his thoughts and love to me. Every time my birthday is approaching, I always look forward to his letter. It is the most special gift for me. There is nothing more meaningful and touching than to know what the closest person to you thinks about you. And Paul is the most creative person I've ever known as far as expressing himself in letters is concern. I feel so blessed to have such a thoughtful and creative husband.

My oldest brother and his family from the Philippines was the very first one to call me very early in the morning to greet me. And I was greeted by most of the people who are close to me. It is a little odd though that on our birthdays, we expect people to call and greet us. And if they don't, we feel a little disappointed. I thought about those who didn't greet me. I was tempted to think that I must not be special enough for them to remember my birthday. Then I said to myself that I should focus on the fact that most of them did greet me and made me feel special.
I admit that I had a little self-esteem issue that day. The important thing is for me to make sure that I don't forget them on their special days. Well, I just can't believe how little things, like birthdays, can teach us a significant lesson and help us grow in our journey of learning how to be selfless.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35