Monday, September 29, 2008

The following article is not my own words. It is written by someone who wants to be known as ccarrie37 as a comment in CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. I thought it is worth reading, especially after watching Palin's interview with Couric.

This interview by Katie couric appeared preditory. She was hoping to initiate an error by Palin. If you will notice, she was leering at Gov. Palin. What has happened to respect and common courtesy?

If Katie Couric looked at me that way, I wouldn''t even talk to her. These interviewers should be fair and unbiased and it was apparant that she was not. Tim Russert, who was a terrible loss to the industry, was the epitome of a fair and equally balanced interviewer. He gave us the facts and let us decide.

When will the media get the message that some of us are smarter and can think for ourselves? The one thing I resent is someone trying to sway my decisions.

This kind of interview causes thinking people to move AWAY from that obvious manipulation. I am an independent, but due to the media bias, it causes me to lean further to the right.

Would you call this journalism? I certainly don''t, I call it vendictive inquiry. If she isn''t going to be totally objective (which she wasn''t) I would fire her if she worked for me! I was a business owner for 30 years. This is the worst interview I have ever seen and I don''t blame Palin!

Palin Faced an Angry Anchor Woman

I've watched the video of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric last night many times. One of our friends alerted us of it in a condescending way. I got very curious and wanted to find out what made our friend so worried about it myself. I had to watch it several times before I could get his point. Okay, let's face this squarely. Palin was being set up by Katie Couric. The CBS anchor woman looked angry in the said interview. She obviously had an intention of shaming Palin in her show. And she thought she accomplished her mission by airing the segment on foreign policy first. Couric thought that because Palin didn't have her passport until a few months ago that it would invalidate her strong qualifications for the Vice Presidential office. Hello! Is Palin running to become a US Ambassador to the World that people would expect her to have a lot of experience in negotiating with world leaders? She was a governor! Why would we expect her to have a strong foreign policy experience? We all know that she can handle international issues with wisdom given the opportunity. While a strong foreign policy is an important part of good governance, as Christians, we should be more concern on the candidate's stance on Abortion, Infantacide and Gay Marriage. All strong foreign policy could give the American people is favor from the rest of the world. But a strong policy against Abortion, Infantacide and Gay Marriage will for sure gain the favor of God for this country.

I am happy that in her interview with one of her strong detractors, she wasn't pretending to be an all-knowing creature. She was being herself. She was even humble to admit it. She was beautifully smiling in front of an angry woman. She knew that nothing is accomplished if she returns the anger.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Izzy's Birthday Party 2

We had a party for Isabelle's birthday with her friends last Saturday. It was her second party before she will actually turn two tomorrow. She still has a party coming up with our Filipino friends. Anyway, we had a blast Saturday. 11 of her super cute friends showed up and helped make the day a lot of fun! We had the party at the living room in our basement because it was very accessible for kids to go in and out from our front yard where the jumper combo was erected. The jumper combo turned out to be a really great idea to have on Izzy's birthday. The kids had a great time bouncing and playing basketball in the jumper/bouncer, climbing up and down the slide. Big people didn't miss the fun either. Paul and I and our friends also had fun "boink-ing" on that thingy. For food, I made Italian roast beef, Filipino chicken noodle fry, Chips and Summer Salsa. I also have a chocolate fountain for everybody to enjoy. For Izzy's cake, I made that sunflower cake I posted a few days ago. There was no soda! When people come to our house, they won't find soda at all. They know we don't drink and offer soda at our house. So we had organic juices and water and coffee and tea. Our little Belle had a great time in her party overall.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scenic Sunday

I took this photo of Mr. Deer, Mrs. Deer and Baby Deer, Oh, dear! on our recent vacation .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama and Biden's "Slips"

This is what makes them a perfect "duo"... they both have tongue misadventures. Just a few weeks ago, Obama had a slip of the tongue and exposed his real spiritual beliefs. This week, it was Biden's turn. Well, you might say that it's not like we are not used to his attitude of not doing a good job in keeping his foot out of his mouth but this time it's about history. He was off by 4 years and 1 president when he said this, "When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'" Why was this wrong? Well, according to my husband, who has maybe memorized every detail of the American history (he is that into it!), FDR wasn't the president that time but Herbert Hoover. He wasn't the president until 4 years later. Also, television wasn't used in 1929! Not until 10 years later. Hello! As I've said before and I'll say again, let these two guys talk all they want and expose their true colors!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Izzy's cake

I am going to make this cake for Isabelle's birthday party with our church friends on Saturday. Her second birthday theme is sunflower and lady bugs. I already ordered the lady bugs cake topper candles. I am excited for this party because there will be lots of kids and we will be renting an inflatable jumper combo. It's going to be very fun, especially for Izzy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

We had our extended family (Paul's side), our family and Isabelle's 2-year portraits taking last Saturday. It was our first time to have them taken outdoors. It was so much fun! Our photographer did a great job of organizing the shoots. I'm pretty sure the photos would turn out beautiful because she is very creative. After the picture taking, we celebrated Izzy and her cousins' birthdays at Paul's sister's place. Izzy got to blow her first of three sets of candles for her second birthday. "First of three" because we would end up having three birthday parties for her again. She had three last year. One with Paul's family. Another one is with her (and our) friends from church, which we will have at our house. Still another party is with our Filipino-American friends. It's so happen that I have two Filipino friends who have sons of Izzy's age. So the three toddlers will turn almost at the day. This year, we will have the party for the three toddlers at a humongoes house seated on a hill. It even has a golf course around it. One of my friends owned this house. Her husband became Orgil's boss for his internship last Summer. Okay, I know I have a tendency of talking too much. I better stop now.

Izzy and her cousin, taking a break for snacks in between photo shoots. Unfortunately, they couldn't take a break from my own picture taking session of them.

Izzy's cousin had to hold Izzy's head up a little bit to make sure she blows the candles and not the plate.
That's what you get for having a birthday party! A mess. :)
And gifts!


Steve is one of Paul's cousin. He came over to say "bye bye" to Izzy and us. He is leaving MN to accept the employment offered to him in NY area. Steve has been a great friend of Izzy's (and ours of course). Every time he came to visit us, our little girl always had a wonderful time. He talks to her a lot. Asks her questions, which the girl loved. When they are playing, I could see Steve's natural skills in teaching kids. We may not see him for a year. But we are praying for him and his employment away from MN.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Victory Rally for McCain/Palin

I'm not a bit of grouch but at the Victory Rally for McCain/Palin yesterday, I complained for being too short. I also complained about Americans being generally tall. Isabelle and I woke up early to go to the rally with Paul. We didn't even have a normal breakfast being that we had it in the car. Paul got preferred seats for us so we didn't really bother hitting the road to the rally location much earlier than we did. But to our surprise some thirteen thousand people already flocked the venue when we got there. We thought we didn't have to fall in line because we had special tickets. But our seats were taken by early birds! The crowd was much bigger than expected. I was so excited thinking that finally I would see McCain and Palin in person but all I saw were heads and signs. What could I do? I am simply short. But I am happy that the rally turned out to be well attended, which was not anticipated in a generally liberal state like Minnesota.
And all Isabelle could see were those butts. Oops, excuse me.

I got the "Palin wave" syndrome! See that?

Scenic Sunday

Samara Point Resort, Niswa, Minnesota

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hockey Mom

The difference between the Hockey Mom and the Media Pit Bulls is 1. Way to go, Hockey Mom! You are in don't-despise-huge-beginnings zone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Permanent Residence

I got my US Permanent Residence card yesterday! What a surprise! It truly was, because a few months ago the USCIS informed me that they extended my 2-year conditional permanent residence status for one more year. There was no explanation offered about the extension from their office. However, in less than three months, they sent me my Permanent Residence card. I don't really understand that. But it absolutely for my advantage and I am grateful to the Lord that I could rest now knowing I have the card by the time we fly to the Philippines in a few months time. Also, I could start to process my US citizenship now. Really thankful.

Sarah Palin on Hannity's Show

This is going to be an interview you would not want to miss!

Sarah Palin's Lipstick

I think this lipstick thing has been blown way too out of proportion by Palin's opponents. But it surely did expose the not-so-decent personality of Obama when he said his lipstick-on-a-pig sarcasm. He could justify his sarcastic lipstick line all he wants but he has already given the people an idea that he has the capacity to go so deranged in his language to put his opponents down. I like it. Let him talk more! Let him expose his very nature! The more he talks the more we see who he really is.

Power Tower

When Tegshee visited us a couple weeks ago, we went to Valley Fair. It was my third time there. Paul and I are not fans of the extreme rides. We just can't stand them, even just the thought of them! We feel sick just watching those rides. But when we went there with Tegshee and Orgil, they really put a lot of pressure on me to go with them on the power tower. I gave in. I joined them. I consoled myself by thinking that I would be fine after the ride like all other riders. And Orgil promised me that it's fun. We chose the free fall one. As the ride slowly went up, I started screaming while shutting my eyes. I have a fear of height. I couldn't bear looking down. As the ride shoots down, free fall, I felt like I was completely bodiless. I basically felt like I was going to die. I screamed too hard that I lost my golden voice after the ride. If I would do it again? Uh, uh... you won't see me up there ever again. In fairness, it was a good bonding time for me and my two big kids.

Smiling before the ride!

Dying after the ride! Paul couldn't believe I took that ride. I'm glad he didn't go with me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shrimpaholic Baby

Our Isabelle is "shrimpaholic". She could definitely eat 10 big shrimp in 5 minutes. No kidding. She just loves shrimp. On her snacks time, she would ask for cookies and if I say "no!" She would ask for shrimp! And she would literally devour every single piece of shrimp given to her. Then, she would say, "Mommy, more please?" Most of the time I'd say, "Okay, sweetheart." But sometimes when I feel like she's been eating too much, I'd say, "No more, baby." Then she'd normally say, "Okay, mommy." When asked what she'd like to have for lunch or dinner, she'd usually say, "Rice and shrimp and melon."

Starbucks Vs. Ice Mountain

Paul has never been a coffee drinker. But perhaps after what we have read on the Starbucks coffee cup, he would start drinking coffee. Four days ago, as we normally do I had coffee with my breakfast and he had his energy drink mixed in a water bottle. I happened to read the writing on the Starbucks cup.

Here it goes... The Way I See It #289... So called "global warming" is just a secret ploy by wacko tree luggers to make America energy independent, clean our air and water, improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles, kick-start our 21st century industries, and make our cities safer and more livable. Don't let them get away with it. -Chip Giller

Reading that to my husband was really like giving him a jump start for the day. He got so excited! He also got curious what his water bottle says about global warming.

Here it goes... Eco-Shaped Bottle... Ice Mountain... Our bottle looks and feels different because it is purposely designed with an average of 30% less plastic to be easier on the environment. We can all make a difference. Please recycle.

We love Starbucks now more than ever before!

Pontoon Action

We drove a pontoon! Our very first time to sail a boat on our own! Yes, we voyaged over the 20-mile Gull Lake last week. It was a hundred and five percent fun. Little Belle was behaving surprisingly well in that 4-hour pontoon trip. She was not squirmy and was not bothered by the life vest she was wearing all through the trip. We brought our lunch of ham, summer sausage, shrimp, pickles, other raw veggies, grapes, blueberries, rolls and juice. Oh, it was so fun to picnic in the middle of the lake and watch the ducks and pigeons swimming and birds flying over us. The blue water felt so relaxing.

Good Morning Walk

One thing I loved about our vacation at Samara Point Resort is our morning walks. The place is so perfect for walks as the sun rises that night owls, like Paul and me, just can't resist waking up early so we could explore it. Isabelle was thrilled for her literally first hiking experience. Yes, she walked. Said bye bye to her stroller.

Ray Boltz

I woke up to a very nice day with a very nice feeling. Obviously, I did not get up from the wrong side of bed. Well, after that perfect vacation we had at Samara Point Resort, morning is wonderful even for the night owls. But that wonderful morning was challenged by a spoiler. I was bummed when Paul said his morning news for me. Ray Boltz admitted to be living in a homosexual lifestyle! I can't believe it! I'm pretty sure this next months I won't be able to sing the songs that famed him. Oh boy, what a bummer. I have no opinion to write about this admission yet. I am just shocked.

For more of this news, check this out...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't miss my greatest Rhyme!

We are off to our 3-day late Summer vacation starting today. The air has been crisp the past few weeks. It's too early for this weather. We thought that we have to do something to spend more time outdoors. We are going to Samara Point Resort. It is just 2 hours drive from us. We can't wait to hike and bike, grill and chill, pray and play, bonfire before to bed we retire, chase the ducks while saying our "quacks" and relax our backs. :) nice rhyme.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama's Faith

Being that I posted a blog about Obama's "slip of tongue" confession, I feel like I have to make a little explanation. If he truly is a Muslim believer, that fact does not scare me more than his attitude of deceiving the people by making them believe that he is not a Muslim. This is just like saying that he could become the first "black" president. Hello! A single black chromosome dropped in his system doesn't make him black.

Sarah Palin's True Colors

Sarah Palin's faith has gradually surfaced. The media and the Democratic Party have made her bold spiritual and God-believing statements a big issue and have been trying to use them against her. Her contenders would never be successful in discrediting her strong qualification to become the next Vice President using her faith. I still believe that most Americans are sane. And I'm optimistic that thousands of American women right at this moment are praying for Palin. Our prayers for her are way much stronger than Oprah's spell.

Palin is fearless. Nothing, not even the media, the liberals and the lukewarm Christians, could keep her from speaking out her faith. She stands strong in her faith even if it means offending the non-Christian populace. It didn't matter to her if her bold statements would invite questions if she has intentions to put the state and church together when elected Vice President. The separation of the state and the church has been a sensitive issue in the country. Palin understand that in the spiritual realm, there is no such thing as a separation of the church and the state and that ultimately, God's souvereignty rules! But for the sake of politics and for the people whose faith is weaker (like me) than Palin's, it may not be wise for her to make those statements especially during this campaign period. But in her we see a woman who puts herself in a lion's den, unafraid and able to bite the lions back by the strength and grace of God! She is just being herself. She doesn't want to edit her words. So let her be. Who knows if God has raised her for such a time as this to give Americans a hope to have righteous leaders. Who knows if God is using Palin to deliver a message to the God-believing people in this country that He is still seated on His throne and in control. Who knows if Palin has an Esther/Deborah calling from the Lord. I am so looking forward to November 4. I am so excited to see an American woman leader who speaks in tongues! It doesn't bother me a bit.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Vikes Lost

Just right after we talked about taking a break from hosting parties at our house, we were asked to host a "football" party last night. As sociable as we both are, we couldn't say "no". We got excited and ended up having 10 of our random friends over to watch the first game of the Vikings for this season. It was a short notice, so I prepared the easiest food to make... Chicken Wings, Fruit Salad, Poppy Seeds Veggie Salad, Chips and Sloppy Joe. It was the sloppiest Sloppy Joe I've ever made. I have no idea how it turned out that way. The meat was so fine instead of lumpy and it was so watery. But our guests liked it anyway. One of them even used it as a dip for chips and loved it. Our little Belle was having a blast bugging our guests. The party was fun with most of the guests, including Isabelle and Paul, wearing purple shirts and jerseys. Paul also hanged his very important Vikings streamer. But we were so bummed when the Vikings team lost. It was such a bummer! But life must go on!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama's "My Muslim Faith" Confession

I'm not sure if you have already heard it, Obama slipped up on his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC yesterday. "You're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith," Obama said before Stephanopoulos corrected him. Was it really a slip of tongue or a confession of one important thing that he has been hiding all this while?

For the video excerpt of the interview...,CST-NWS-faith08.article

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scenic Sunday

An afternoon at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN. Twenty minutes drive from us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin's Huge Advantage

Paul showed me this political cartoon this morning and it tickled me. How true it is though! Sarah Palin is the only one who is so fit for the executive office that these guys are running for. Both Obama and Biden has zero executive experience. McCain kind of has it in the military. I hope Americans will wake up and place the right people in office. Remember, presidential and vice presidential offices are not for on-the-job training!

Friday, September 5, 2008

St. Paul, Minnesota's NY

For our date last night, Paul and I went to St. Paul to see what's it like outside the RNC. Well, the city was turned into some NY-type place. It was surprisingly packed with people of different purposes and ideologies. It's usually filled with cars and not with people. All kinds of mad and slightly-mad protesters, excited spectators of the RNC broadcasted live on the LCD screens around, preachers preaching the Gospel of repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ, ordinary Democratic Party supporters who booed John McCain's speech, beautiful Republican Party supporters (Paul and I and others :) who were unafraid to cheer McCain in public in this general liberal city/state), people who are in the middle ground, vendors, media both for internet and TV, yes, Hollywood actors, police and etc.. The city was heavily guarded. Problems of riots were present but solved. I was just happy to see streets busy with people and not with cars and the fact that it's only 20 minutes drive from us.

St. Paul is a beautiful city. There are world-class restaurants around. Paul and I went to Meritage for dinner. The food is so so good! I had Shrimp and Crab Rissoto, yum yum yum! If ever you come to St. Paul, you can stay at St. Paul Hotel. It's beautiful. McCain and other important Republican figures stayed there.

Name the Hollywood actor in the picture with Paul and I.

Rachael Lampa

I was ironing our clothes in the laundry room when I heard Rachael Lampa's name called to come on stage for her rendition at the opening night of the RNC (Republican National Convention). I couldn't believe it! Rachael Lampa was in St. Paul! I had our TV downstairs on but I ran upstairs to watch her performance with Paul and Izzy. She sang "When I fall" and "I am Blessed". Our little girl was trying to mimic Rachael. It was so cute. I was so happy I called my best friend, Lisa, in New York to tell her that our favorite singer was on TV. Unfortunately, she was in the train on her way home. It was Lisa who introduced Rachael Lampa to me 5 years. Since then, I've always listened to her songs. For the video of her performance, scroll down to the bottom of this page.
Lisa and I

Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Her Own

Before our Valley Fair trip last Sunday, I always accompanied our little Izzy on the rides at the Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. Paul and I felt a very strange loneliness when finally she left us at the kid's train station at Valley Fair to go for a 7-minute "toot-toot" ride, by herself! The train went somewhere, we could not even see her. That's the worse part of it. We had no idea whether she remained seated or got frantic looking for us. But when her train arrived, she looked very calm and happy. Oh, how we missed her! We felt so relieved to see her again after 7 minutes, which felt like 7 years, of solid anxiety. How I wish time crawls slowly and not flies so we can enjoy every long second with her by our side. But maybe I'll have to learn to accept and say "kids grow up so fast". I'm just so thankful that I get to be with her almost every hour since she was born.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin's Fighting Spirit

We hurried home from our Bible study at church tonight to watch Sarah Palin deliver her first major speech at the GOP Convention. I imposed so much resistance on myself so that my super excited emotions won't go out of whack! That way I could listen and understand her words well. As she made her way to the podium, she was a picture of a confident, calm, happy and beautiful person. When she started her speech, womanly confidence, articulation, strength and wisdom were emitted into the air inside the Excel Energy Center and have definitely spread throughout America and to the whole world. Her stage presence and persuasive words were an evidence that she is not some weakling duckling but a lovely swan with a fighting spirit like that of a roaring lion. One of my favorite lines in her speech was, "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick." Oh, I love that a lot! I love the fact that she wasn't only defending herself from all the issues that her opponents pounded on her but she had some offensive bullets for them as well. One TV broadcaster put it this way, "Palin hit a homerun on the first inning!" She surely did! I am looking forward to her debates with Biden. I am a hundred and five percent sure that she will shine and dominate, for where the light shines the darkness flees!

Talkers Vs. Doers

Having watched the convention of the Democratic Party last week and the commencement of the GOP (Grand Old Party) Convention last night made me think that this presidential election is a race between talkers and doers. The convention last week had showcased good bloviating speakers and celebrity splendor. On the other hand, the Republican convention displayed people, so far, with tremendous experience in good governance and patriotic heroism. Speeches were more on clear vision for a better yet America and less opponent attacks. The casts look happy and optimistic contrasted with angry, bitter and boastful faces and talkers in the other group. November 4th Election is a pure race of talking Democrats and doing Republicans. Of OJT Democrats vs. Experienced Republicans. Of Democrats who want to rule the world vs. Republicans whose main vision is to protect the American people. Of Democrats who are bitter of this country until the Election time vs. Republicans who know how to suffer and die for this country. Of Democrats who associate with the country's enemies vs. Republicans who protect this nation from them. Of Democrats who like to call themselves agents of change (e.g. they voted for iraq war but have been dreadfully against it? They should rather call themselves "changeable" for they change their minds easily) vs. Republicans of steadfast principles and unswerving decisions. The list can go on and on but maybe I should stop here before I attract big crowd.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Her Church Friends

Over the past 8 months, our little Belle has made cute friends at our new church. Some of them are the ones saying "cheese" with her on that picture above. It is so encouraging to hear very positive comments on our daughter from the ladies who are in charge of the kids at church. Most of them praised her to us saying that she is a very kind toddler. I do volunteer to watch them at the nursery from time to time. I got to see how she shows love and kindness to her little fellas. I've never seen her grab others' toys and she so willingly shares her toys to others. When using the slide set, she waits for her turn patiently. When someone is crying she shows concern and try to comfort her or him by her gentle touch. Her mild personality is pleasant to watch. She is not the jumpy, bouncy, super busy and hyper toddler. She is active- loves to run, climb, bounce on her bouncy big ball and dance, but she stays away from hyper kids. Her personality is just right!

A Very Special Weekend

I never realized how much I missed Tegshee until I actually talked to her live on the phone two nights before she flew to Minneapolis to visit us. Tegshee was one of my first ESL students in Mongolia who came to my apartment in UB, Mongolia for Bible study 7 years ago. I remember how she maintained her agnostic principles on the first year of her regular visits to our Bible study meetings. God must have done a spiritual surgery in her heart when one day she asked me if she could have a water baptism. I was absolutely caught by surprise when she made that decision that I even asked her if she knew what she was talking about. She insisted that she had become a Christian as that she decided to give her life to the Lord Jesus. Since then she has lived a wonderful Christian life together with other students who made that very important decision to follow Christ and "no turning back!" Like Orgil, Tegshee, came to almost every gathering at my apartment, including the in-depth discipleship study once a week. I'm pretty sure she has a "faithfulness" medal prepared for her in heaven. And like Orgil and a few others in the group, she has traveled to many countries not because she is wealthy and so could afford the trips but because she possesses brains (and beauty of course!) The government of Japan is funding her 5-year undergraduate studies in Osaka, Japan. She is also given a monthly salary and all they want her to do is study. That's why she could come visit us. The solid three years of being together had created in me and Tegshee a deep sisterly relationship. I am so proud to be her "egch" (big sister in Mongolian language)! Paul, Isabelle and I love her so much. It was so sad to see her off at the airport yesterday. Our little Belle cried when she gave her a big hug and a bye bye kiss. We want to see her again soon, hopefully, by January 09 when we fly to Japan on the way to the Philippines.

In front of the MOA (Mall of America)
We missed our goofiness so much that we wanted to revisit it.
At our new church with the Pastor and his wife.