Monday, September 29, 2008

Palin Faced an Angry Anchor Woman

I've watched the video of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric last night many times. One of our friends alerted us of it in a condescending way. I got very curious and wanted to find out what made our friend so worried about it myself. I had to watch it several times before I could get his point. Okay, let's face this squarely. Palin was being set up by Katie Couric. The CBS anchor woman looked angry in the said interview. She obviously had an intention of shaming Palin in her show. And she thought she accomplished her mission by airing the segment on foreign policy first. Couric thought that because Palin didn't have her passport until a few months ago that it would invalidate her strong qualifications for the Vice Presidential office. Hello! Is Palin running to become a US Ambassador to the World that people would expect her to have a lot of experience in negotiating with world leaders? She was a governor! Why would we expect her to have a strong foreign policy experience? We all know that she can handle international issues with wisdom given the opportunity. While a strong foreign policy is an important part of good governance, as Christians, we should be more concern on the candidate's stance on Abortion, Infantacide and Gay Marriage. All strong foreign policy could give the American people is favor from the rest of the world. But a strong policy against Abortion, Infantacide and Gay Marriage will for sure gain the favor of God for this country.

I am happy that in her interview with one of her strong detractors, she wasn't pretending to be an all-knowing creature. She was being herself. She was even humble to admit it. She was beautifully smiling in front of an angry woman. She knew that nothing is accomplished if she returns the anger.

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