Thursday, February 25, 2010

Setting Foot in Europe- First Day: London

I am now blogging at our friends' house in Stalybridge, UK. We are staying here for 5 days. Stalybridge is just about 10 minutes overground train ride to Manchester Piccadilly.

What can I say? I've never really strongly desired to visit Europe before. The door just got opened for us and everything fell into place!

London is a such a lovely place! It's got a feeling of New York but with a fantastic European architecture. I am especially blown away by the boulevard with a sweeping curve at Regent Street! It is awesome!!! I feel a little bit disappointed that we didn't get to spend enough time in Oxford and Regent streets to take photos. I just thought shopping in London is out of the question for me... and funny... being that I came from the place where the biggest mall of America is just 10 minutes drive from us.

Anyway, we got here on Saturday (February 13th). One of my very good friends, her daughter and their church friend came to pick us up at Heathrow Airport. They brought us to Mitre Hotel in Paddington straight away so we could kind of rest before we explored the city of London. They gave us our Oyster cards and so it was easier to just hop in the train and go.

Our first day was pretty much resting at our hotel, eating out at one of the Aberdeen Steak Houses in Piccadilly Circus, underground train rides and trying to cross one of the London bridges. It was freezing cold that night! So, we decided to go back to our hotel and retire. I was amazed how easy to get to places with the underground train.

That was our Day One in London.

The secret of having a super nice pre-schooler in a 9-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean is Stompie, the elephant and gum!

Izzy was excited to see Angie for the first time.

Izzy's mommy was so happy to see her very thoughtful friend, Tuul.

Taking the underground train in London for the first time!

In the train... Paul and Izzy didn't seem to have a bad jet lag.

Our first hotel, The Mitre Hotel in Paddington.

What did they put in this water to cost it $9?

Dining out at Aberdeen Steak Houses...

Eating up our most expensive dinner ever!

Help me figure out what I was supposed to do with two different faucets on the sink?

Exploring one of the London Bridges...