Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin's True Colors

Sarah Palin's faith has gradually surfaced. The media and the Democratic Party have made her bold spiritual and God-believing statements a big issue and have been trying to use them against her. Her contenders would never be successful in discrediting her strong qualification to become the next Vice President using her faith. I still believe that most Americans are sane. And I'm optimistic that thousands of American women right at this moment are praying for Palin. Our prayers for her are way much stronger than Oprah's spell.

Palin is fearless. Nothing, not even the media, the liberals and the lukewarm Christians, could keep her from speaking out her faith. She stands strong in her faith even if it means offending the non-Christian populace. It didn't matter to her if her bold statements would invite questions if she has intentions to put the state and church together when elected Vice President. The separation of the state and the church has been a sensitive issue in the country. Palin understand that in the spiritual realm, there is no such thing as a separation of the church and the state and that ultimately, God's souvereignty rules! But for the sake of politics and for the people whose faith is weaker (like me) than Palin's, it may not be wise for her to make those statements especially during this campaign period. But in her we see a woman who puts herself in a lion's den, unafraid and able to bite the lions back by the strength and grace of God! She is just being herself. She doesn't want to edit her words. So let her be. Who knows if God has raised her for such a time as this to give Americans a hope to have righteous leaders. Who knows if God is using Palin to deliver a message to the God-believing people in this country that He is still seated on His throne and in control. Who knows if Palin has an Esther/Deborah calling from the Lord. I am so looking forward to November 4. I am so excited to see an American woman leader who speaks in tongues! It doesn't bother me a bit.


First Step said...

Revelation Chapter13 verse 18
This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666. This is the beast out of Earth. What does a nation profit in wealth for the price of its peoples souls. Beware of Babylon and be sure not to sip her wine.(doing as she does) Though America felt it fit to use Hammurabi's code of law. How righteous is that? And the republicans conserve these acts supposedly for the betterment of all.

First Step said...

Not calling Palin the beast or Babylon. So don't try to misuse my statement like Obama's words were twisted. Just sharing some insight on our postion on this planet.

Dines said...

Thanks for dropping by, first step.