Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Very Special Weekend

I never realized how much I missed Tegshee until I actually talked to her live on the phone two nights before she flew to Minneapolis to visit us. Tegshee was one of my first ESL students in Mongolia who came to my apartment in UB, Mongolia for Bible study 7 years ago. I remember how she maintained her agnostic principles on the first year of her regular visits to our Bible study meetings. God must have done a spiritual surgery in her heart when one day she asked me if she could have a water baptism. I was absolutely caught by surprise when she made that decision that I even asked her if she knew what she was talking about. She insisted that she had become a Christian as that she decided to give her life to the Lord Jesus. Since then she has lived a wonderful Christian life together with other students who made that very important decision to follow Christ and "no turning back!" Like Orgil, Tegshee, came to almost every gathering at my apartment, including the in-depth discipleship study once a week. I'm pretty sure she has a "faithfulness" medal prepared for her in heaven. And like Orgil and a few others in the group, she has traveled to many countries not because she is wealthy and so could afford the trips but because she possesses brains (and beauty of course!) The government of Japan is funding her 5-year undergraduate studies in Osaka, Japan. She is also given a monthly salary and all they want her to do is study. That's why she could come visit us. The solid three years of being together had created in me and Tegshee a deep sisterly relationship. I am so proud to be her "egch" (big sister in Mongolian language)! Paul, Isabelle and I love her so much. It was so sad to see her off at the airport yesterday. Our little Belle cried when she gave her a big hug and a bye bye kiss. We want to see her again soon, hopefully, by January 09 when we fly to Japan on the way to the Philippines.

In front of the MOA (Mall of America)
We missed our goofiness so much that we wanted to revisit it.
At our new church with the Pastor and his wife.

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