Monday, May 12, 2008

My Second Mother's Day

Yesterday was my second Mother's Day. We went to church in the morning and was greeted by many! I felt so proud of being a mother, but part of me was sad that we had to celebrate this day because I have so many friends who have always wanted to have children but have none. They couldn't even find (I don't know if "find" is a right word here) men who love them enough to be willing to marry them despite the fact that they can't bear children due to the circumstances that their uterus had to be removed. I sincerely feel for them. But at church yesterday, I feel like God is showing me that even though these friends of mine can't bear physical children but they can very well bear spiritual children. I want to encourage them to bear spiritual children... bring souls to the Kingdom and nurture them with the Word. This way, every Christian woman is a mother.

I was also reminded that there are so many children in the world today, who need a mother. Adoption is always a great option. Afterall, we are all adopted into the Family of God. Someone else's burden might be their blessing in disguise.

As always, Paul got me very pretty flowers. For some reason, I am so much into yellow flowers this year. Yellow roses look like the most beautiful flowers on earth! Paul also knows how much I crave for chocolates always. I know it is fattening! But, hey, I eat a lot of spinach, okay?

Izzy and I at the Red Lobster restaurant. Of course, I ordered the most expensive food there! LOL!

I know, my baby is the sweetest thing on earth!

How did we get Isabelle to smile that way? Simple! I shared one of my chocolate candies with her!

Pictures from Mothers Day last year.

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