Monday, August 24, 2009

Examining King David

What would have happened if King David did not run and join the Philistines, his enemy, when King Saul and his men hunted him down?

I was amazed to hear another perspective on this account in King David's life. I heard one speaker said that when David ran away from King Saul and his people for his life and eventually joined the Philistines forces, he was actually taking a detour in his life. The detour was not originally planned by God. As a matter of fact, during this several-month detour, sons who later despised him and caused tragedy in his household were produced. King David was discouraged! He was scared to death! And he fled from the land that God promised him to be king. What would have happened if he didn't escape? We all the know that David was already a hero even in his youth. People loved him! Do you think they would not protect him from the hand of Saul? But wait, what happened to the priest who gave David holy bread and Goliath's sword? Oh, he and his entire clan were annihilated by King Saul. I think the people already knew that King Saul had totally lost his sanity and was capable of killing anyone who dared saved David. (my idea) No matter what the situation was, I believe that God had another way to preserve King David, without him becoming a fugitive.

I love the analogy of this perspective as we apply it to our walk with the Lord. There are times that we find it hard to wait upon the deliverance from God and instead we resort to create our own solution for our problems. And as we detour from the Lord's will, troubles are being produced. Some of the sad results of our failure to wait upon God do not arise until later. How tragic it was for King David to have a son like Absalom, who started a coup against his own father. He betrayed his own dad. Absalom, was one of David's sons during the time that he was a fugitive... sons who brought him so much pain. How frightening it is to take a detour in our walk with the Lord.

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