Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Friends

Rokio and her family moved to our neighborhood about a year and a half ago. Their house is next to ours. They are originally from Somalia, but they've been living in the US for 10 years now. When they bought the house, Paul, Isabelle and I visited and welcomed them to our neighborhood. Rokio and her husband, Saadiq, have two very cute children. The older one, Kamal, is 6 and the little one, Naima, is 3. Paul and Sadiq have become good friends. Sadiq had been pushing Rokio to be close to me, she told me just this past week. We have become really good friends. I visit them at their house almost twice a week and we often go shopping together and bringing our kids to play at the Mall of America or at Pump It Up. Rokio is "religious "and a very generous woman. She smiles a lot and her personality is very pleasant. She is a genuine person! Last week, when we had to admit Paul in the ER due to food poisoning, she drove us to the hospital being that I don't have a driver's license yet. Helping is a lifestyle to her. It's been great getting to know her and showing her the T and freedom we have in the LJC. I'm glad that she is a very open person. We talk about "anything" including our different beliefs. I can't wait for the "big day". Join me in telling the LJC about my new dear friend.

Isabelle and Naima at the Mall of America
Isabelle has been a positive influence to Naima in the area of eating well. See, my daughter eats well. She snacks on carrots, strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas and just about any fruit. When Naima sees her eat fruit and veggies, she also wants to eat them. Rokio told me that it has been difficult to make Naima eat. Isabelle is preaching by example. Makes her mommy feel so proud of her!

Kamal, Naima and Isabelle at Pump It Up
It was a good bonding time for the three of them. After that morning when they played there, Isabelle says "Naima" a thousand times. Kamal and Naima love Izzy too. They can't stop screaming and jumping when they see her. They hug and kiss her a lot until Izzy goes crazy and says, "top!" (her way of saying "stop!") Izzy always feels sad and sometimes cries when it's time to say bye bye to Kamal and Naima.

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