Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Car Accident

Two of the boys dear to us had car accidents the few weeks. Both are in their early twenties and bright. Both of their cars were totaled. One happened somewhere in California when he went driving to the west coast with 3 other friends. The accident happened when one of his friends asked if she could do the driving. A mild snow storm came and she lost control of the car in a 50-mph traffic. The car smashed the elevated concrete road island. The driver broke her arm and our boy got burns on his face when the bag went off. The car was completely wrecked. We kind of bought that car for him... and he is paying it off monthly. But we are thankful he is alive! All of his friends are all alive as well. It could have been worse! Praise God for his new life!

Last Friday, we got a call from one of church friends letting us know that her son had a car accident on the way to his school that morning. It was his first day of school after he decided he wanted to be a paramedic in the meantime. He used to go to an expensive university and was studying to become a neurosurgeon. That morning on the way to his new school, just half a mile from home the snow plow hit his car when he was turning from a 50-mph traffic. He had his seat belt on and that kept him from flying through his car's windshield, which would probably put him in a very critical condition. Well, his car was totaled... but he is alive. He had a little concussion but was stable. A few CT scans were done on him and he was found out to be fine. He just needed to recover mainly from the trauma and from his little stitches. We are thankful he is alive and that God has given him another chance to completely put his trust in Him. Over the past few months, he had been doubting about God. The accident sure did put him in a place where he is given a chance to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord on his life.

It's indeed a new year with a new life for these two boys special to Paul and me.

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