Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, Indeed!

One of my closest friends and her family spent the New Year's eve with us. We started the time by arranging babysitters for our little ones so we could go out for a fine dining. I so wanted to go to a fondue restaurant, called, The Melting Pot, in Minneapolis downtown but when I called them for reservation they only had 4:30 and 10:30 pm open for us. Both times didn't fit us... one was too early and the other was too late. I was a little bummed because we had a coupon for one free meal at the said restaurant. Anyway, my friend decided to pick the restaurant and make a reservation for our kind of double-date dinner. We ended up eating at the Lexington Restaurant in an old area in St. Paul. It is located nearby the area of old mansions. It was fascinating to drive through that place! The mansions all looked humongous and beautiful! We were definitely happy about the restaurant. The lights were a little dimmer than usual, which made the ambiance more romantic. The food was great.

Both my friend and I love to wear dresses when we are dining out.

Our friendship has definitely been blessed by the Lord!

The best Calamari I ever had!

My friend's appetizer order! It's so yummy! Grilled Mushroom with steamed spinach!

The Lexington green salad.

The best lamb shank in the whole world!

Filet Mignon for me!

After our double-date dinner, we came home for a little New Year's Eve party with our kiddos. Our babysitters did a great job watching the kids. Isabelle and Cy didn't beat each other that night, according to the girls watching them! Yes, they usually did, which is part of their fun! While waiting for the big ball to drop in NY, we played Bingo. And I'm proud to say I won... too. We had some ice cream and the chocolate fudge that I made. We also had sparkling cider in our champagne glasses because we don't drink any alcoholic stuff. It was fun! The kids stayed up with us until after midnight.