Monday, March 1, 2010

Setting Foot in Europe- Second Day: London

It was a Sunday... the first thing we did was go to church. Paul found Charles Spurgeon's church, so we went and brought our my friend (and host)Gantuul, and her daughter, Angie, with us.

Rev. Masters, the pastor of Metropolitan Tabernacle... Behind us is the picture of Charles Spurgeon.

Both Paul and I were so blessed at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon's church). The church is huge! The service was so simple and God-centered! There was no choir... no band either, just one piano... but during the worship time, it sounded like the Thousand Choir of Minneapolis was there! Meaning, everyone sang! Rev. Masters (the pastor) led the entire service. Nobody else was on stage but him. He was a very simple man but when he spoke, it was BEAUTIFUL! He preached inductively and prayed in KJV English for about 20 minutes... and everybody was silently praying with him! It's AWESOME! Paul and I realized how churches in America have put aside the importance of fervent prayers during services. We were in tears... the prayer has really touched our hearts! There was complete reverence for God's presence in that church. There was no hint of entertainment. Oh, how blessed we are to find a church like that!

For lunch that day we ate at... McDonald's in Piccadilly Circus. Our hosts wanted to do shopping at the Gap store to buy some presents for Izzy. McDonald's was right next to the store, so it was convenient... and weird!

We spent the rest of the day checking out a few landmarks of London, like the Big Ben and the London Eye. Riding the London Eye was sort of enough for us to see the entire area. It's an old city with beautiful European architecture. Coming from Minnesota, I found London to be not as clean. But it's fun!

The Big Ben

The Parliament Building

The London Eye

A day is not complete without coffee. My friend (and host), Gantuul, also loves coffee, so it's fun! Caffee Nero is everywhere in London. I really tried to avoid Starbucks. It's actually strange to see Starbucks there. I think I just didn't want to see it there. I don't know. Anyway...

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