Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Year for ME!

I thought of the Bible verse that says, "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." (Psalm 90:12) and asked P why we celebrate our birthdays each year instead of each day. Why didn't King David use "years" instead of "days" when he wrote that prayer? Well, I have to throw that question to him when I meet him in heaven someday. Anyways, I celebrated my 16th (???) birthday on Saturday. I still had jitters from our long flights and couldn't figure out the time. I was awake at 3am and got sleepy at 8am. I slept until 1pm. Paul had to take care of Izzy's breakfast. He and Izzy cleaned the house. When I woke up, every thing was nice and clean. We went out for lunch because I was too lazy to fix it at home. After lunch, we went to the fitness gym for swimming. After getting enough exercise in swimming, we then drove to Hoban Korean Restaurant in Eagan to officially start celebrating my birthday. Exactly three years ago, we also had my birthday dinner here. Hoban has changed a lot. It has now a nice ambiance- brighter, cleaner and more spacious. The service has definitely changed too. The authenticity of their food has also improved. I was so happy with the restaurant.

FYI, Korean food was my comfort food when I was in Mongolia. I always went to a Korean restaurant in Ulaanbaatar when I get bored with the Mongolian food and when I feel lonely. I have very beautiful memories of God's faithfulness and great friends in Seoul, Korea and every time I eat Kimchi, I remember them and it brings smile to my face and heart. The Korean people I know are just wonderful blessing to me! They are the most helpful and thoughtful people I've ever met. I love them!

So, I ate until I had a big party in my tummy! I was so full... but wasn't really feeling guilty of overeating. The Bul Go Gi and the side dishes in lettuce wrap had definitely made my night!

My birthday bash continued at home with DQ ice cream cake that Orgil bought for me and opening of presents that P and Isabelle got me. Then we played scrabble until midnight. No, I didn't win!

I can't believe I am one year older than last year! Well, I thank God for the blessing of new friends, lots of peace and joy and lots of free time to enjoy life and family last year. I have already submitted my wish list to Him for this new year in my life!

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janet said...

happy birthday again, dines... sooo... sweet 16 huh? you look very happy... a very happy birthday indeed.

pray you'd get everything in your wish list. :D