Thursday, July 16, 2009


One of the realtors that P works with came to our house with her husband one night. Her husband used to work for a chemical industry for 7 years. According to him, while working at the industry, he developed a very serious kind of eczema on his hands. He tried every remedy possible to be free from it but it only frustrated him that it would not go away. On the other hand, that 7 years of working at chemical industry gave him enough information how chemicals used in housecleaning liquids, soaps, detergents, lotions, and etc. are harmful to every persons health. He left his job, became a realtor, shift to non-chemical based cleaning products and started taking vitamins from Melaleuca company. Lo and behold, his eczema divorced him for good.

Honestly, I am not easily carried away by advertisements and even testimonies from others, but that testimony made sense to me. I've been to a few countries but I've never heard so much about cancers and other diseases until I came to the USA. I was really alarmed. Many people are sick and there is a medical term for every little sickness, which I think makes it sound more serious than it actually is. It is also in America where I could find all kinds of chemically-based cleaners and disinfectants. These cleaners smell too strong for me that there was that two weeks that I didn't clean our bathroom because I just hated it when I smell 409. It makes me cough. Antibacterial hand soaps are drying my hands like crazy. Anyway, I think that cancers are also brought about my these chemicals we have been using in our homes. How about the food we eat? Well, there was a time that I was gonna turn our diet into organic and study more about nutrition but I quit. It's just that it's hard to figure out who to believe for what. My simple opinion is this... with food, I pray for its sanctification before I eat and I believe that God answers that simple prayer. However, I don't always pray before cleaning the bathroom ;) maybe I should.

In my devotion today, I was reading the account of David facing Goliath. Applying it to myself, I said to God, "Lord, you know how the fear of sicknesses and diseases is one of the giants I am facing. I can gird up myself with all of knowledge in the world available for protection. I can study more about food and healthy living, but I believe I have a sling with small stones that I am so used to, let me pray." It is my version of what David said about trying on King Saul's armor, "I am not used to these armors. Let me use my sling."

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