Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nashville Blast

We hit the road to Nashville after lunch at Joy and Brian's house in Cookville on the 4th of July. We were looking forward to see the festivities in the city on that special day. We heard that July 4th celebration in Nashville is very special, so we couldn't wait. I was also hoping I'd see the boat parade.

When we finally got to the city, the first thing we did was putting sunscreen lotion on our skin. It was blazing hot... at least for me, for some reason. My skin pores were dripping sweats like crazy. By the time we got to the family activities spot, my sweat washed my sunscreen lotion off already. I couldn't wait to get inside a well air-conditioned building. But I needed to be patient because P, Izzy and our friends were playing on jumper combos. Paul (my hubby) and Paul (Joy's hubby) even had a race on that big inflated climb-slide combo. Before I could get really dehydrated, we saw Hard Rock cafe and went in. Oh, it felt great, although, I basically had to use the menu pages to fan myself that first 30 minutes. I don't know what happened there... I guess I have officially become a Minnesotan! Tennessean heat and humidity were almost unbearable to me. But we had fun with our friends... that was important.

After cooling down and feeding our hungry tummies, it was time to get out and explore the river bank filled with people. There was a huge stage floating on the river facing the crowd (hehe... of course!), so we wanted to check it out. Plus, of course, a crowd-lover like me won't just miss this opportunity to be with lots of people. I was really looking forward to that. However, it rained cats and dogs before we could even get to pay our bill at the restaurant. We got out anyway, I couldn't stay even a minute longer at that kind of cafe. It's dark and loud. I love "bright, bright, bright... places (and things)". Dark and loud don't seem to fit my personality.

So we got out and ran in the rain to cross the road where we could buy rain coats. Isabelle was basically partying in the rain! She just loves the rain. She sang, "Rain, rain go away, come again another day, little children want to play." She sang that line for like a thousand times and finally she got frustrated and said, "It's not working!" I just couldn't believe it! She really thought that the rain would go away if she kept singing it!

Paul and Paul found out that there was a thunderstorm coming just about the time the fireworks would start. We decided to cross the bridge to get to our car on the other side of the river before the thunderstorm comes. There was a big crowd on the bridge too... well, at the first segment of the bridge, I should say. When we almost got to the middle of the bridge, we found out that we were trapped. We couldn't get to the other side. There was a barricade. Paul and Paul were concerned because any minute from that time the thunderstorm would come. We had mixed feelings... part of us was happy because we were at the best place for the firecrackers show, but we were also kind of scared because we knew that a strong thunderstorm was coming. Well, it was time to put our rain coats on. We were prepared! The firecrackers show started... it was amazing! After a few minutes, it started to rain... it started to get windy! But we got to enjoy the firecrackers show being that we had our rain coats on. Our cellphones, cameras and purses were safe. Nothing is better than being prepared! We felt bad for the people who were wet and cold watching the show. That was quite the experience for our two families. Our 2-year-old kids didn't care about the thunderstorm... they, too, enjoyed the firecrackers show. After a few minutes from the finale of the show, the barricade was removed and we were able to walk to our car. While walking, I was telling my friend how I loved the experience. Yes, I do enjoy atypical experiences.

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