Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Izzy and her mommy have been busy... outdoors. We like to pull the weeds from our garden beds and pick up flowers for our vase on the dining table. It's really nice that our daisies this summer has been blooming a lot. I feel bad, though, that our day lilies were chewed by our regular "deer" guests before they were ready to bloom. Izzy gets excited to see the deer in our yard, I do too, it's just sad that they can't stay away from the day lilies. My day lilies were so beautiful last summer, but I guess I don't have them to enjoy this year.

Other things Izzy and I like to do outdoors is biking. My little girl has just learned to use the pedals of her little pink-purple bike to move around our driveway. Sometimes, I walk beside her as she bikes around our circle. We also enjoy our biking time where I put her in her trailer and I get to drive my bike around our circle for ten times. I still don't have the courage to cross highway 42 to get to the biking trail across the street of our circle. I think it's too dangerous for me and Izzy. I am just contented to get my work-out around our immediate neighborhood... biking around the circle at least 10 times. It's nice when Paul gets home earlier from work and we get to bike together for two hours.

We really haven't been able to set Izzy's swimming pool up yet. I think we have to get it going this week. Also, we are looking forward to regularly visit the public swimming pool a couple blocks away from our house. There's a really nice and big water park just about 10 miles away from us, that's one of the places we want to go soon.

We do picnic at Crystal Lake beach on Saturdays. It's also our family evangelism time. My part is to intercede for Paul while he goes around witnessing to people at the beach while watching Izzy play at the kids park. We are really loving it! When P is done witnessing, we eat dinner. It's really fun.

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Gigie said...

wow kaguapa nan imo mga buwak!!! haudi kaw kang mama mahilig nan flowers!!! ako sab ganahn pero wlay lugar katamnan!!