Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ashes to Ashes! Dust to Dust!

We said our final good bye to our dear Kitty today. She died peacefully. When we got home from church tonight, we looked for her and found her lying dead on the ground by the right side of our house. Her body was stiff. Her eyes were open. And flies kept her company. Paul had her for some 7 years. I got to enjoy her for two and a half years. We were sad! We told Isabelle that she won't see her Kitty ever again but didn't let her see us bury the cat. We had a little burial ceremony. We prayed. We thank God for Kitty.

Oh, how we miss Kitty. She was a very sweet cat. She provided Paul company for many years. She gave Izzy a short but sweet cuddly and crabby playmate. I loved her too until she started acting like she had lost her mind. The last few weeks, she was up on the second floor with us at all times- bugging us to the max by her constant climbing on the table and the counters. She had also been licking our faucets and peeing and pooping in Paul's office instead of doing it in her own bathroom. That was terrible. But now that she is gone, we miss her.


Steven and Aisha said...

:( Terrible but she has served your family being so cute! :D

Gigi said...

ay! kamingaw sab! i remember man pod atong si jamboo nga atong dog hehehe atong gilubong! ka joker! pero mingaw pod nuh! wla jud butang mulungtad! nindot raba ilang photo ni belle.

JesuLalaine said...

oh..what a pity..I'm sure your li'l one must be sad too.. We also had a rabbit before who died and Tricia was so sad for many days, esp. everytime she saw her picture with the rabbit.

janet said...

it's sad. especially when you have learned to love the cat.

i'm not a pet person. i'm not good at taking care of them. i don't hate them though. i just dislike the idea of doing extra work (which requires extra energy) in taking care of them.

probably when my son grows a bit older coz he likes cats. i can give him the task of taking care of a pet.

(pardon me for my blah-blahing too much. hehehe)

is gigi your sister? the one working in hatyai now?