Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

It was really fun having Hope and Hannah at our house on the memorial weekend. Isabelle had a blast! She loves her Ope and Annah so much. She gets excited every time the girls have a sleep over with us. And these two lovely girls loves Izzy like she is their own baby sister.

Our weekend with Hope and Hannah started at Chili's Restaurant. We wanted to give the two a treat for their birthdays last month. Then, we went to Chuck E. Cheese for video games. After a couple hours, we came back home for double fudge brownies and ice cream.

At Chili's

At Chuck E. Cheese

First Driving lesson from daddy at Chuck E. Cheese

On Sunday, we all walked to church. The girls wore their pretty dresses. After church, we went to Lifetime Fitness Center in Lakeville, where we are members of, for swimming. It was a perfect beautiful bright day for swimming in the outside pool. As soon as we realized we had enough swimming for the day, we drove to an Italian restaurant called, Two Guys from Italy, for dinner.

We wanted to the day to last longer, so we decided to have a bonfire so we could roast some marshmallows and make smores. "Nummy! Nummy!" Izzy said a hundred times.

In front of our church across the street

Roasting marshmallows for our smores

The next day was the Memorial Day. Instead of driving to Winona to be with Paul's parents, we drove to the house of one of my Filipino friends by the lake. It was a very beautiful place. So relaxing! The breeze from the big lake was very refreshing. Quite a few of our Filipino friends and their American families came to enjoy fishing and all the Filipino food that the host couple prepared for all of us!

Play the video and have fun!


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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

hi ate Dine's thanks sa visit and for adding me in ur blogroll..gwapa ug daku na kaau si izzy ba...congrats sa maau na lahi...pareho kmo ni ate bern..gwapo pud kaau ang anak sa spanish stallion oi..heheh

janet said...

hi dines,

i left a comment in your post TT but i guess you have deleted that post. (?).

thanks again for visiting my blogs. and nice to see you have a blog too. your daughter is such a gorgeous girl (i think i told you about this already.:D just want to emphasize. naks.

thanks for adding me in your blogroll. will add yours too. and if you have time, you may visit my other blog too:

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you take care.

Lalaine said...

Wow! the girls surely had FUN!! enjoyed watching the video!

I added you in my blogroll na sad diay.thanks for adding mine :)