Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy Thinkers

Last Saturday was one of those days when Paul, Izzy and I would go out and look for a spot outdoors where there are people hanging out. This is one of our witnessing "regimen" this year.

We went to the park by the beach about 3 miles away from us for one reason, evangelize! This park is called Crystal Lake Park and is one of our family biking routes. When we got to there, we were like "what's going on here?" There was a big crowd of funky young guys hanging out. There were a few girls in skimpy sun dresses too. Then we noticed that 95% of the cars were very low to the ground with open hoods. Later on, we realized that it was a Honda car drivers meet. The drivers were mainly showing off the power of their car engines. We were excited to share the Gospel with the drivers and those who were there just to see the cars. We prayed first and then got out with our million dollar bill tracts. Izzy was excited. Yes, she knew were out for something very important. We walked around the lot and stopped at every car to examine the engine and start conversations with people. I didn't really talk that much because I had to watch Izzy. Paul was able to share the Gospel with many guys. One of them was the meet organizer, who rejected what Paul had to say. One of this organizer's friends though lingered in the conversation with Paul. And when Paul got to the point of sin and judgment, he asked me this question, "Does he always make you think like this?" Paul and I knew that he is thinking. My answer was, "Oh, yes." Then, he said, "I am a lazy thinker." And I said, "Well, there are so many things in life to think about. If we are lazy thinkers, then we should just think of the most important things in life such as what we are talking now." He agreed.

It was a happy day! You know how it is when you know that you are doing what God commanded you to do? People responded in many ways to Paul when he witnessed to them. And Paul has come to the point where he can handle a situation when the person he witnesses to neglects the Gospel. When evangelizing, it is important to keep in mind that the saving part is God's work, our part is mainly speaking to them the whole Gospel.

Paul witnessing to one of the guys...

Izzy Pooh holding one of our Gospel tracts, yes, that's a Gospel tract!

Got to enjoy the kids park and the sun!

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