Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

I was sneezing like crazy! For some reason, my spring allergy has not stopped bugging me. It's been going on for 3 weeks. I'm not one to seek a doctor's prescription when I have issues like this, so there I tried not to complain about my constant sneezing. We went to Dennis for a big breakfast. It's Izzy's third day of eggless diet, so I was careful not to order anything with egg for her. It seems like it's really working on Izzy's skin. Her skin has shown a lot of improvement since I stopped giving her eggs. Anyway, at Dennis, I tried hard not to sneeze... but it didn't work so we ate our breakfast as fast as we could and off to do food shopping for the big party at our house later that day.

P's family started to arrive at around 3pm. By that time, I already took a day cold medicine and an Ibuprofen. My issue with sneezing has improved and I was able to make the meaty pasta bake and other food for the whole family. Interestingly, I was feeling good the whole time everyone was around. So that was a treat.

P's parents stayed overnight at our place. They went to church with us and we had a chance to celebrate Mother's Day with them that day. We went to World Buffet after church and P's brother and his family also joined us. We had lots of food! P handed Mom our card for her and he gave me the card he wrote for me. I already told him that I didn't want any present for Mother's Day. So to get that card from him was very special. My husband is quite a sweet and creative writer. I love the letters he gave me. The messages are so touching! Anyway, after lunch we went home and Izzy and I took a long nap, while P played his first game in softball in this season. We planned that Izzy and I would not go with him to his game because it was not warm enough for us. After our nap, we had a lot of mommy and baby time... we played, watched tv and took photos.


Budget Traveler said...

hello, beautiful mom and daughter! God bless!

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Gigie said...

wow how sweet!!! liwaters man pod sa ina!! yab u!!