Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend up North!

Saturday afternoon... we drove up north with P's parents for our Mongolian boy's graduation on the following day, Sunday, at Concordia College, Moorhead. It was a 3.5-hour of driving all the way, but we had to stop and stay overnight at Comfort Inn hotel in Fergus Falls, which is about 60 miles on the way to where the college is. It was because when we tried to book a hotel accommodation in Moorhead and Fargo area there wasn't any available room for us. It so happened that some famous star had a concert in Fargo the night before Orgil's graduation. It worked well though coz it almost was too much of driving for Izzy. It was not our first time driving up there... Paul, Izzy and I have been to Moorhead, specifically to Orgil's college, it was our third time. But for Paul's parents, it was a first time. We kind of joke about it being that both of them are born and raised in Minnesota.

Fergus Falls is supposedly the home of some 15,000 population but we were surprised to see a busy little city... it definitely looked like it's got more inhabitants than what is reported. It even has got shopping centers like Target, Wallmart, Herbergers and etc.. We even ate at Applebees... see, they have the known restaurants around... yes, they have Perkins too and other family-owned restaurants. Anything more interesting than what I've mentioned? Well, I wish we had a chance to drive around the city to see more of it but we decided to do swimming instead, we had to get some exercise. ;)

Some photos I took inside our room at Comfort Inn...

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