Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleepless Weekend


I tried to get our house ready for our guests on Sunday. I was also busying myself packing my scrapping tools, papers and embellishments for the all-night scrapbooking with one of my bff's. I think I have too much "scrapping scraps" than I need and it has always been a little more time-consuming getting ready when I have a "creative weekend" with my "creative bff". So, we left the house an hour after P got home from work. Krisha, (my bff) already made dinner for all of us. The drive was only about 40 minutes north of us. So it was not one of those long drives we don't like to take... yes, we prefer flying than driving! When we got to their house, Cy and Izzy officially started their own party!!! Laughing, jumping, hugging, running, pushing each other, hugging again, apologizing, grabbing each others toys... all in 30 minutes! And the grown ups had a wonderful dinner... Filipino and American food side by side on the table! It was Paul's first attempt to eat a bowl of Mongo beans with Ampalaya tops soup. It wasn't very successful! I ended up eating most of what he had in his bowl... plus my two bowls of it. Also, Krisha and I tried to have our husbands eat gizzards... and they did! And, of course, we didn't tell them what they were before they ate them.

After that big big supper, Krisha and I began working on our scrapbook pages while our hubbies cleaned up and baby sat our little ones. We scrapbooked until 4 am. It was Izzy's first time to go to bed without mommy on her side. The 7-hour scrapbooking time flew so fast! We didn't actually want to stop at that point but we had to get at least a few hours of sleep before we went shopping and more scrapping.

P and Krisha's hubby made breakfast. It was P's first time making banana pancakes... well, the first breakfast he made for me. So, that was sweet of him. Krisha and I ate our breakfast and off went shopping. We bought identical outfits for us. They're the second identical outfits we ever got for ourselves. Yeah, we think it's fun to wear the same outfits. We ended up wearing them for the whole day. When our husbands saw us dressed up the same, they went nuts. They couldn't stop laughing. The rest of the day was spent on scrapping and roasting marshmallows in their backyard. We didn't home until 10 pm.

I was teaching Sunday School for the pre-schoolers at our church in the morning, took a long nap in the afternoon and went with Izzy to P's softball game. We came home around 9:30pm and met our guests. They got to our place while we were in P's game. It's wonderful to meet the wife and son of one of the Mongolian consuls to the Americas, Middle East and Africa.

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