Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paramedics at our House!

Yes, the paramedics came to our house about 10 minutes after I called 911 yesterday around 12 noon. No, it wasn't me. It wasn't Izzy either. It was Izzy's friend. What happened was this... my bff came to see me and for her 30 months old son and 1 year old daughter to play with Izzy. Something "terrible" happened at her kids' pediatrician clinic earlier and she couldn't wait to tell me about it. Her 1-year old daughter was given a wrong vaccination shot!!! The nurse admitted that instead of a Hepatitis B she mistakenly gave the little girl the shot for Hepatitis A, which is not supposed to be given to kids under 2 years old! What a serious error on the part of the nurse! Worse thing, the nurse didn't even apologize! I was really angry when I heard about it. This is the life of a one-year old girl we are talking about... how could they make such a mistake? It is so unacceptable!

Anyway, my friend and I were talking about it when suddenly we heard her 30-months old son cried in pain in Isabelle's room. It was a cry that really got our attention... we knew it wasn't one of those fights between him and Izzy because it wasn't Izzy crying, if you know what I mean. So we rushed to Izzy's room and found my girl standing on her bed and the little boy on the floor, screaming in pain. When his mother checked him, his blood squirted from below his chin! We both screamed and panicked. We thought it was more than just a little cut. We even thought the blood came from his throat! My first thought was to look for my first aid kit, only to find out I didn't have first aid kit for cuts. So I looked for a clean cloth to use to press on the cut to stop the bleeding. While his mom did that I asked if she wanted me to call 911 and she nodded. So I called 911 and answered a few questions from them. About 10 minutes later they parked the ambulance in front of out house and two paramedics came in. They suggested the boy to be brought to the urgent care for stitches. He and his mommy went with the paramedics to the hospital, where I gave birth to Izzy. I was left at our house with my friend's 1-year old daughter and, of course, Izzy. Two hours later, she called and said that they had been waiting at the emergency area and that she already got really sick and tired of waiting there. She said that there was not many people but nobody had attended to them yet. The bleeding in her little boy's chin had stopped, so she decided to come back home even before a doctor could to see them. It's terrible. They were very hungry, too! I was so disappointed at Fairview Ridges hospital! So, they came back and had lunch at our house, gave him a bath and drove back to their house.

Such a traumatic day for me and my friend. I could also feel the trauma that Izzy experienced when she saw her friend fell from her bed to the floor. I had to comfort her. Later, she explained what actually happened. She did it pretty well that I was able to understand what cause the cut below his chin. The cut was about half an inch. I have no idea how deep it was though... must be deep enough to spurt that amount of blood. Anyway, he was reaching for Izzy's stars (those that light up in the dark) on the wall by the bed. Somehow, he lost his balance, tipped over the edge of the bed and hit his chin on the foot board. I figured out that the strong pressure caused the cut. I didn't know it was possible until one of our neighbors told me. Anyway, I believed Izzy's explanation because there was an evidence... we found little stars in the boy's hand. The stars are not strong enough to cause a cut, so it was the stars. Here's the thing, when I shared this story to one friend, he said... "it's dangerous to reach for the stars without being careful!" He was being funny but yes, there's some truth in it. Lesson to learn: Always keep an eye on your little children while they are playing. Double check what the pediatricians give to your kids.


Gigie said...

oh my!!! That was terrible oi! hapit sya mabungi? dayw gani kay wala sa mata! kalooy sab!

Mel Alarilla said...

What a traumatic experience really for your friend and her son. That was really one terrible incompetence on the part of the nurse who administered the wrong vaccine and that was a disservice by that hospital who did not attend to the needs of the wounded son. Shame on these people. Thanks for the traumatic post. God bless you always.