Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter in Winona

It's been wonderful to get to be with P's family here in Winona for Easter weekend. We drove here last night after our Good Friday service at church. The drive was nice and... noisy, I should say. Izzy was very excited to see her grampa and gramma and was singing and talking a lot. P and I had to put her nursery cd on so she settles down and we could start our conversation. We always treasure our out-of-town drives and we enjoy our endless conversations on just about anything while in the car. So last night's drive was fun.

Today, we were not busy. P helped his dad do some work at the house- preparing for the warm days ahead. Mom and I talked a lot while working in the kitchen. Izzy and I took a long nap after lunch... it was really good to be able nap that long. I don't usually nap for an hour and a half because I prefer the power 5-minute naps in the afternoon. Anyway, mom has been serving us really good food here, so we have been eating well. We had roast beef for supper and that was very delicious. I don't know, for some reason, I feel like I eat more when I am in Winona. Anyway, after dinner, I got to drive to one of P's friends growing up. We saw them at their new house. It was nice for P to meet his friend... play catch and talk. I also enjoyed talking to his wife. She has such a bubbly personality... something rare around here. Generally, Minnesotans are reserved(?!)... kind of like prim and proper. So it was nice to meet someone who loves to laugh out loud!

Tomorrow, we will be going to P's church growing up with his parents. We always go to this church every time we are in Winona. The church is okay, it's just that sometimes their services get too theatrical... sort of too much entertainment... too much creative stuff that are sometimes "distracting" to me. I am hoping there's not a lot of drama going on tomorrow. I kind of suspect that there will be some of that if not a lot because it's Easter Sunday. Oh, well... I guess I can handle that. I just prefer simple services... like worship Jesus and listen from the Word... oh, and yes, fellowship with other believers.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday tomorrow... and all Sundays!

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