Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today, my husband turned a year older. He is one year younger than me, so it should be easy for you to guess his age now... wait, that's only if you know how old I am. Anyway, to start celebrating his birthday, we had his friends from church over at our house for brunch yesterday. Eight guys came with him from their men's prayer meeting. I served them the typical continental breakfast- scrambled egg with ham, sausages, pancakes with honey (I forgot to buy maple syrup... bummer!) and pear honey preserves, bananas, strawberries, oatmeal-raisin cookies, coffee and orange juice. It felt great to see my husband very proud of me! Oh, sorry... I mean, to see him happy with his friends who he can talk to, unedited. When I say that I only meant that he is so himself when he is with these guys. These guys are awesome. They're godly men and are like real big brothers to him. They love him... and he loves them.

One of them asked me if I could join them in the dining table, I got to tell them that I actually felt awkward around 9 big guys. Yes, I felt that. And I figured out that they are better off talking without me joining in their conversations. Izzy was still la la la land sleeping soundly when they were eating, so I felt very much outnumbered.

This morning at church, several women thanked me for serving their husbands great breakfast. Trying to be modest, I said, "You're welcome. I actually served them easy-to-make breakfast, so it wasn't super special." Oh, but I think they really liked the food. In fact, one of them said that if Paul's business goes bankrupt, there is another business opportunity waiting for us... a restaurant! LOL!


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

I bet they really enjoy your cooking. Happy Birthday Pablo, pagbati mula sa Tan and Sanchez family all over the world,lol.

Gigie said...

Pakilaong dkn kang Kuya Happy Birthday!! Wa sa kami ka attend ng breakfast kalami rba garu nan imo luto! hehehe