Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday night: We had that junk movie, called, Duplicity. Driving home from the movie felt like driving home from a dinner date at McDonald's. How unromantic was that... ooops, rephrase... how unhealthy and fattening was that! We were so bumped. But life is like that. We can't expect things to be always beautiful.

Saturday: P volunteered at church, painting with other guys. I was home with baby, kind of like complaining that I had a Saturday morning that felt like a regular weekday. But when P came home, he had two bundles of pretty roses and a Caribou vanilla latte for me. Not only that, he also bought roasted turkey so I didn't have to make dinner. How sweet is that! That is just as sweet as any wife can get! At night, we stayed home and talked.

Sunday: I woke up earlier than usual. It was one of those Sundays that I need to be at church for praise and worship rehearsal 2 hours before the service. Yes, I now sing at church. It was my second Sunday. Exciting! For lunch, we joined some friends from church at a Chinese Buffet. There was definitely a party in my tummy! After lunch, I did shopping for a couple hours. Then Paul and I and Izzy (sleeping in her car seat) went joy riding. We went to the nearby lake and watched the kids skateboarding. One of the kids approached us and asked P if he knew "drifting", referring to that thing when you drive your car in spinning, which is actually only possible with a really high-powered sports car like the Thunderbird that Paul had before. So they talked about it. Eventually, P led the conversation into witnessing. The four kids were listening and were very responsive. I was praying. Then we went home feeling so satisfied! Really, there's nothing more satisfying than sharing your faith to others.


placesandmemories said...

what a great weekend you had, getting flowers and all. :D such sweet man, he is.

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