Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Only Sister and "Bestest" Friend

She is fondly called Gigi, Nene, Kokoy, Grace and Mary. I call her Gigi. She is 2 years younger than I am, but I don't look that much older than her (LOL!). We grew up and made all kinds of memories together as sisters, playmates, rivals, co-workers, discipler-disciple (who's who? it purely depends on the situation), master-servant (who's who? it also depends on the situation), and etc..

We are opposites. That's why we attract. She talks all day, I think all day. She does, I watch. She has a million of close friends, I have twenty. She is the life of a party, I am... uhmmm... getting there, I suppose. She loves the outdoors, I love indoors? well, 50/50. She works hard at home, I am usually the beneficiary of her hard work at home. She works and talks fast, I am slow. She is practical, I am impractical? Hehe... theoretical, that's maybe the right... and classy word. She learns by hands-on experience, I am... hhhmmm... well, leaning toward being speculative. Anyway, enough of the opposites.

We are both loved by handsome men! Both married on our early 30's! Both hearts were transformed as we surrender them to the Lordship of Jesus. Both are teachers. We both love to sing and dance. We both drink coffee. We each has a cute little daughter. We both love to laugh. We both are silly. We both speak at least 3 different languages fluently. We both have long black straight hairs. We both weigh 105 pounds. We both are Jesus freaks... we love Him so much. We both are so blessed!!!

She loves me and I love her!

It was great seeing her on our very recent trip to the Philippines... that's after 2 years.


placesandmemories said...

it's great to have a friend in a sister... kind of like a bonus. happy for you both.

Gigie said...

i don't sing like you!!! hehehehe you start your singing career since 3 years old. Like izzy.