Saturday, March 28, 2009


P and I are not into movies anymore... well, we were never fans of Hollywood movies. In almost 4 years of being husband and wife, we only went out for a movie 4 times. For us, going to a movie theater for a date is kind of a WOT (waste of time). Well, except for that one time when we watched the Fireproof. Fireproof was a real "date" material for married couples. Anyway, I was talking with my BIL on the phone last night and he asked me why I said in an email that P and I are not into movies anymore. I told him that one of the main reasons is that we are so disgusted with the dirty language that most movies now contain. The constant cursing and using of the name of God and Christ as cuss words seriously bother us. We can't stand it. Sitting there for two hours listening to sinful words is just too much. If a Christian can sit in a theater for two hours per week for a PG-13 Hollywood movie but can not even read the Bible and pray at least two hours per week at home, then there is a serious problem. Sanctification can never be attained by intentionally exposing ourselves to the ungodliness of this world.

Last night, for some reason, we thought we would go out for a movie while Izzy stays home with her Uncle Orgil and works on her new geography jigsaw. We planned on watching the movie called, Confessions of a Shopaholic. When we got to the theater, we realized that it was no longer showing. We decided to watch Duplicity. Oh, it was two hours of listening to cuss words. We also felt so uncomfortable watching the lead stars kissed and did some bed scenes knowing that they are not married. How can other people overlook that... I don't know. I was surprise we didn't walk out. I guess we just got curious about how the story would end. And when it ended, we sighed... and said... "such a piece of garbage!" That movie ruined our date, that's for sure. I wore my red shoes and used my gold purse for that date. But I guess it happens. In the future though, we will be more careful.

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