Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spoiled Generation

During weekdays, I usually wake up earlier in the morning to make sandwiches for my hubby to take to work for lunch. Then, I would quickly turn on my lappy, leave it and make coffee for myself. As soon as I get the coffee maker going, I would return to my laptop to check my emails, Facebook and Friendster, listen to my audio Bible and blog hop. This morning was a little different. Okay, I pressed the power button of my laptop and left it to make coffee. I got the coffee maker going so I went back to my laptop to do my internet routine. However, my laptop wasn't ready yet. It was downloading updates for a couple minutes, which literally felt like an hour. I started to grumble. After complaining I knew I have just proven that I have become a citizen of this spoiled generation.

Checking my Facebook, I came across one of my friends' video link post. It's called, "Everything's Amazing, Nobody's happy." by Louis C. K. I'm not really a fan of Louis C. K., but this particular video made me plead guilty. It's hilarious and it's got a lot of truth in it. You could check it, laugh about it and be guilty. However, I don't recommend watching his other videos, he swears a lot... it's disgusting.

Dear Jesus, forgive me for my complaining attitude this morning. Help me to be patient and be thankful for all the fast things that I am enjoying now. Teach my spoiled generation a lesson- a lesson to bring us to our knees and recognize that every good thing comes from you and that we need to be thankful for them.

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Genejosh said...

what you just posted is true...i also plead guilty for those moments i started to grumble when internet connection is slow..anyway, Ate Dines I have an award for you at
..i am blessed with your blog posts