Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"I'm bored!"

"I'm bored!" seems to be the favorite line of the young generation here in America. How sad. And to me, it does raise red flags. These kids who are saying this line have i-Pod's, cellphones, computer games, internet access, televisions with at least 50 channels at home, DVD's of their favorite movies, all kinds of toys, hundreds of books and etc.. On top of the listed things, there are public libraries, fitness centers, community learning centers, malls and schools with everything they need to be busy with. Whatever happened to this generation!

Growing up, I didn't have the luxury to enjoy all that the kids are enjoying now but I can not remember being bored. My sister and I were so content with our Coke bottle we used as a doll. We were so happy making our play house from coffee branches and banana tree barks, as opposed to the ready-made play houses that are available today. We loved recycling our mother's cans and jars from her kitchen into our own play kitchen utensils. Now, little girls can choose from so many kinds of ready-made play kitchen sets.

"I'm bored!" clearly speaks of discontentment and ungratefulness. This generation is plagued with a constant desire for more. Never satisfied. Never grateful. Stomachs are never full. Minds can not rest. Hearts are full of acquisitiveness. It scares me! It freaks me out because this was the case of the people of the Tower of Babel. They were not satisfied to build just a high tower. They wanted a tower that reached to the sky... to make a name for themselves. God looked at them with displeasure. He was so displeased that He punished them with confusion. I believe that He has started to confuse people now. The technology today has become confusing to most of the people.

Oh, by the way, the bulb of our Plasma TV blew up... now we have experienced the peace brought by not having a TV.

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