Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a beautiful weekend. We stayed home and played Scrabble with Orgil. It was a great game but very sobering! Orgil has been beating P and me 4 times in a row now! It's embarrassing! I guess I taught Orgil English too much back in Mongolia! The blame is on me, that's for sure! Anyway, it was nice that our Belle flower let us play without her interruptions. She was so happy playing playdough and her new Dora set over popcorn. The big people had banana cake and tea. It was a sweet evening for our family.

On Saturday, we spent time with our close friends, the Samuelsons. We helped them deliver fliers of their architecture business. It was a perfect day to walk around their neighborhood... the temperature was up to 65F. We then went to Famous Dave's restaurant for lunch. I had a big order of their spare ribs and shrimp combo. I shared it with Izzy... she ended up eating just the corn. She wasn't up for shrimp... I know it's strange! She's always loved shrimp except that day. We went back to delivering fliers and went back to their house for the girls to take a nap. Hope, Hannah, Izzy and I napped in their king size therapeutic bed for an hour, while Paul and David continued delivering the fliers. After our nap, the little girls played playdough and I had coffee. Lisa, (the lady of the house) came home from work and made dinner. I didn't feel like helping her. Instead, I and the girls turned on the TV and put the movie August Rush. We were watching the movie while waiting for Lisa's Bolognese spaghetti and Caesar salad. I felt a little spoiled there. I didn't do anything but napped and ate yummy food. We ended up staying until 10 pm. We love to be with them so much that we don't care looking at our watches.

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to church in the morning. I didn't have to go to church much earlier because I wasn't scheduled to sing with the worship team. But it was my first Sunday to teach the preschoolers' Sunday school. It was fun to be with the kids. I told them the story about the wise and the foolish builders. They loved the story. I can't believe how their little brains could comprehend the principle of building a house. I think it was easier for them to understand the concept of building a house in a sand as I talk to them about what happens to a sand castle if we pour water on it. But I was excited that they also understood that if a house is built on a rock it stands strong. They're very bright! Anyway, after church, we went with friends from church to Chipotle. Izzy and I had steak burito in a bowl. I loved it. Izzy didn't. She ended up having chips and choco milk for lunch. How nutritious is that? I felt bad. We spent all afternoon napping, reading, shopping and watching TV.

Now, your turn to tell me about your weekend.

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