Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had quite a weekend. P was off from work on Friday so we could attend the conference at our church. We had such an awesome speaker! We were so blessed. The conference started on Thursday night and ended on Friday night. I got to actually be at the conference twice and got to hear the speaker, otherwise, I was helping at the nursery so other moms would have a chance to enjoy the conference. Oh, and I made cookies the day before the conference and brought 4 dozens to church. There was a lot of good food for the fellowship after the evening session. The women at our church worked hard to serve such great food for the delegates. That was really fun.

Saturday, we stayed home most of the time because all three of us had allergies. It's this time of the year where our noses get itchy. We've been taking turns sneezing and blowing our noses! Not fun at all but it happens.

Sunday, we drove to our friends' place in St. Paul for their daughter's first birthday right after church. We got stuck in traffic because it was raining and so the traffic was very slow, plus, there was an a car accident... so that wasn't very fun... what was supposed to be a 30-minute drive became one and a half hours. Bummer, yes... but also yes, it happens. When we got to our destination, I almost didn't have time to dress up like a fairy. Yes, I was supposed to look like a fairy mother to Izzy who was dressed up as Tinker Bell. I had to make two Filipino dishes, so it used up my time to put fairy make-up on. My friend (the mom of the birthday girl) looked fantastic in her fairy outfit and make-up. Good I still managed to have time to wear my simple pink fairy dress. So we had fun at the party! Quite a few of our friends came so it was a great time catching up with the latest in their lives.

We didn't drive home until around 10:30pm. Yes, it was that late. It's all because Paul did some ministry of witnessing to the men who came. We know them so it wasn't really evangelizing strangers. In fact, some of them kind of expected for spiritual talks to happen because they know Paul loves to talk to them about God. I am so proud of my husband!

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Gigie said...

wow ka guapa ni izzy mura man ug fairy hehehehe