Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Homerun for my Sarah Palin

My sleep last night was sweet after watching TV. Nice. I'm not trying to promote that watching TV before going to bed helps us achieve sweet sleep or better yet, "REM" (Rapid Eye Movement). There is more to that line. What actually happened was that I felt so satisfied with how Sarah Palin did at her first and only debate with her contender for the Vice Presidential race. She was definitely fabulous! I would say that she was able to erase the negative reputation that the media has written on her forehead the past couple weeks. She debated a veteran senator who is an experienced debater in the US legislative body with so much grace, articulation, authenticity, wisdom and valor. It was definitely her night! It amazed me how she could carry her energy up to the very end of the debate. In fact, she had shown more and more grit and self-confidence as the debate progressed. I love her strategy of putting her opponent in a defensive position rather than the other way around. And that is not all, she also did a great job of defending the McCain/Palin ticket. This time, she has proven that she could not only deliver a great inspiring speech but that she could also be very factual. Funny how it was Biden who messed up (again, as if we are not used to it) with his facts. One of them was the mention of article 1 as referred to by Biden as the article that describes the executive branch of the government. Wrong. Article 1 of the Constitution describes the legislative branch. How laughable that is! But again, this mess was from Biden's mouth, so it's not surprising. In fairness though, Biden wasn't mean to Palin. He was a gentleman. He kept his promise to be a fair debater to Palin when he was interviewed at Fox last week. I just wish he could at least be a little accurate with his facts. I wonder if he has a serious problem remembering events. Because if he does, it could be really dangerous to the country. What if, he would, one day, forget that he is running with Obama and not with McCain? Obama is not one he wants to mess up with, or else, he would CHANGE his mind and fire him and hire Hillary before the elections time. Okay, I'm not being sobersided already.

Overall, the debate was fair. In spite of the apprehensions of the people if the moderator would do a fair job being that she seemed to endorse Obama when she wrote a book about the guy. If she truly adores Obama, then I did not see that in her last night. Biden was a gentleman and looked knowledgeable (not necessarily true). But Palin shined! She connected well to the mainstream audience. She was very understandable because she doesn't know how to bloviate like other career politicians. That's absolutely a big plus.

Well, wonder why she did well? At least 2,000 committed pray-ers, including me and my hubby, prayed for her.

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