Thursday, October 9, 2008

Loving America

Growing up, I dreamed of someday coming to America when my cousin married an American guy. I thought it was an out-of-this-world dream and that it would never happen. I imagined this country as a land overflowing with milk and honey. The Lord God granted my dream and I have been here for three years on the 20th of this month. And as to the overflowing-milk-and-honey thing, I am right!

Almost every girl I know in Asian countries wishes to someday come and live in this country. When I was in Mongolia, literally, every girl I met worked so hard to learn to speak English so they could fly here. Their families were so willing to sell their properties and even resorted to availing loans from the banks so they could fund their kids' trip to America. A very good Mongolian friend of mine, who is now receiving a full college scholarship in Japan, said to me when she visited us a couple months ago that she so wants to come and live in America. According to her, she has never been to a country where you could feel so much freedom. She was right in. Strangers here talk about their uncles and aunts to each other as oppose to don't-even-look-at-strangers cultures. American people smile and greet each other as if they are all friends. People are wearing relax fashion contrary to you-have-to-wear-suits-to-be-respected kind of rules. There is so much freedom here. When you go to a coffee shop, you'll see how many options they have for you. You don't have to have what latte flavor I am having. There is tons to choose from.

I love America. I've been to many countries, but there is no country as beautiful, prosperous and free country as the USA. Those people who have not been proud of this country (e.g. Michelle Obama and her likes) and those who have always been grumbling about high gas price, should definitely need to live for at least a year in another country. I suggest, the Philippines. Why not also try to live in the Middle East. Seriously, I'm asking them to live in the Middle East for at least a year. Or China. It is sickening to hear Americans, especially these politicians who have made complaining about the government their careers, bellyaching about the system of this country. It is disgusting to hear Hillary Clinton and Obama deliver speeches painting this country like it is an under-develop countries. I also get bummed by people complaining about gas price when they are overspending on clothes, restaurants, movies, all kinds of tools and gadgets, appliances, expensive cars and etc.. There is really no reason to complain here, because as long as you go to work, you will surely eat and more. And even those people who are unable and too lazy to work and earn their food, the government provides them food. There are so many government programs, like the Food Drive that my husband is leading, that help feed those who do not have food.

I just pray that one day all these murmurers and anti-America Americans will shut their mouths up and be thankful what they are enjoying right now. And how about this, if they don't like living here they would move to another countries so that those people around the world who love America will have lots of space in this land. How about that?


janet said...

Funny how i feel the same way about Malaysia. It's not as free as America but I'm loving it here, inspite of cultural diversity... errr... I should say because of cultural diversity... and peace and opportunities... and not so bad economy... and yet I can hear a lot of Malaysians complain against Malaysian government. We had a team meeting once and they talked about how to overthrow a government. i gently reminded them that Malaysia is a lot better compared to where I came from... and yes, even compared to China and other Asian Countries.

I think the point is... to be happy where you are, be contented and appreciate all the good things life has to offer. I'm glad we feel the same way (you in America and me in Malaysia).

janet said...

oh and how to join the skywatch friday meme? just log in to and you may join like how you do in Scenic Sunday. The only thing is the posting time is different. Skywatch posts on Thursday 8:30 EST (if not mistaken) and 2:30am (GMT)- my time.

The Holleys said...

People will never get satisfied, you know, especially those who have not experience hardship. We are blessed because we experienced those things and we appreciate what we have now. For this world, I know it will never get better. I'm just happy we have a Father who is loving to us and who will continue to supply all our needs.