Sunday, October 5, 2008


I gave Fireproof a standing O after it made me cry at the Atlantis movie theater the other night. It was quite a movie. It was nice to finally go to this huge movie theater just 5 minutes away from us. We saw it built and was hoping we could see what's inside the building. My husband and I don't watch a lot of movies. We can't stand the garbage talk in Hollywood movies. All those cursing and the vain use of God's name are just disgusting to us. For three years, we have only been to the movie theater a few times. That's for the Chronicles of the Narnia, One Night with the King, Horton (Izzy's first big screen experience), Facing the Giants and those documentary movies. Besides, we thought that going to movies is a little too much when we have a few televisions at home. I don't see it romantic for me and Paul to go to the movies for our dates. But with Fireproof, watching a movie became a perfect date for us and our friends, Jeff and Tricia. We had Jeff and Tricia's daughter, Angel, baby sat Isabelle while the four of us cried together and fell in love with our spouses all over again.

Fireproof is the second movie of the Kendrick Brothers, who also made the Facing the Giants. You would never think it was not a Hollywood produced movie because it was very well made- excellent casting, great script and the overall cinematography was not bad at all. More importantly, it was God-centered! The movie is about what many of the American marriages is going through today- on the brink of divorce. Kirk Cameron, the Hollywood actor turned Evangelist, and Erin Bethea played the role of a normal working couple in the movie. Their problem was as common as what all other normal marriages is going through- wife feeling unloved and husband feeling disrespected. Cameron took on the role as a captain of a firefighting team. Everyday, he directs his team as together they save lives from the fire. He thought of himself as an honorable man and so thought his wife was nuts for not giving him the same respect. Bethea played the role of Cameron's wife, who is so disgusted with her husband's addiction to pornography and not helping her do things around the house. Her husband's appetite for pornography has made her feel so unattractive and unloved. She filed for divorce. He thought he had enough of her "unbelievable" attitude and that divorce will give him peace. Before the divorce was finalized, he eventually learned how to love.

This movie is so full of emotions. Kirk Cameron's acting was definitely plausible. In the movie he was supposed to kiss Erin Bethea, but he wouldn't kiss any woman except his own wife. So they had to have his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, do the extra scene. Nobody could tell that it was a different woman he kissed even though Noble and Bethea don't look alike. I've seen Noble in one of the Left Behind movies. She is also an outstanding actress. Apparently, Cameron didn't want her to play the role of his wife in Fireproof because he didn't want to yell or despise her even in the movie.

The movie came 4th in the box office on its first week of release. One the second week, it came 8th. It garnered more than 12 million dollars within 2 weeks.

Go and watch this movie, if you haven't yet. Be blessed and fall in love with your spouse all over again.

Here's the movie trailer... have fun!


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

Wow, wonderful movie- I'll found out if we have time this week to go and see this movie... I'm very surprised to know that you are going to the movie theater to watch the movie now-hehehehe!

Dines said...

You have a very good memory, Mi. I know, I didn't ever watch any movie at a movie theater before I got married. I promised myself to only go to the movie theater with my husband. Guess what? My first movie in a movie theater was with my husband. It's a promise I was able to keep.