Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Spread the Wealth" Economic Theory and Etc.

At the final Presidential Debate tonight, one of the vital points that really caught my attention was the issue of Joe the plumber. This issue has really raised a red flag against Obama because it is socialism in its simplest form. When Obama told Joe the plumber in Ohio that he wants to raise the man's taxes in order to "spread the wealth" to the lower-income Americans, he was basically saying that he is going to resurrect socialism, which was long been dead and condemned, in this nation. It is one thing to ask the rich Americans to share their wealth freely to the poor but it is socialism to have the government enforce it on them by increasing their already high tax rate. Seriously, Obama is really up to taking some of Joe the plumber's money and give it to the poor. Sounds like Robin Hood! Weeks ago, he said the health care is every American's "right". Tonight, he said that one of his highest priorities in his administration would be health care for everyone. Wonderful! But if he forces the wealthy to pay for the health care of every single American, (Does it also include the health care of the illegal immigrants? I wonder.) then it is awful! For one, what constitution states that health care is a "right"? Not in the American constitution, that's for sure. I agree with McCain when he said that it is a "responsibility".

I keep getting an idea that Obama is playing a "big daddy" in his candidacy for the presidential office. He portrays someone who is so concern about each and every one in America. Well, I am not buying it. He would not even support the legislation providing medical care for the victims of botched abortions. He doesn't even call the baby in a woman's womb "life". In no way that he could be a true "big daddy".

It is sad that there are people who are so much into the "economy" issue. It only shows that many view money as more important than the lives of those thousands of babies being killed through Abortion. Economy is a big and complicated subject. The unstable economy of our country is not the fault of this present administration. President Bush has nothing to do with what is going on in the economy now. It is so uneducated to say that his administration is bad because of what happened in the stock market. Sure there are people to be blamed on this but President Bush is not one of them. I'm not an economist but according to my own economy principle, as long as you go to work, you eat. Only the lazy should stop eating! It is not the end of the world. People are still shopping, eating and living a normal life. Some people including Obama make it sound like we are already in great depression and that the Bush Administration is a complete failure. Come on now, let's be realistic here.

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