Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, we stayed home to give ourselves and our international friends a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Six of our friends from two countries came and joined us eat the turkey. There's a great joy in having them because we knew it meant so much for them being away from their own families. It is wonderful that we could be their family away from home.

Our turkey has a little funny story attached to it. See, we developed a habit of buying a turkey at the last minute. We liked to go to Byerly's in the morning of Thanksgiving Day and buy a turkey dinner for half price. We were pretty sure we would do the same thing this year. So early morning on Thursday, we went to Byerly's and guess what? It was CLOSED! We knew that if a 24/7 grocery store was closed that day, then the rest of the food shops were also closed! We were so bummed! We decided not to give up looking for a turkey though. I was even willing to buy a fresh one and cooked it myself. While driving around, we almost give up the thought of having turkey for our dinner when we saw a lot of cars parked in front of Boston Market. We knew right there that there could be a turkey meal there. We parked and, lo and behold... the sign on their entrance said that they were selling whole turkey dinners! It saved our day! We got home and prepared for the grand meal.

Time for our long dinner table and the Old Rose Royal Albert China to serve us!

The controversial turkey from Boston Market! It saved our Thanksgiving Dinner.

Multi-grain dinner rolls instead of stuffing. I know, it's not right not to have stuffing!

This is another thing that made our T dinner not very traditional. Pluma Moos is for Easter but I love my husband so much that I would go against tradition to give him what he wants. Surprisingly, all of our guest loved it!

My famous Oatmeal Raisins Vanishing cookies!

The very first time I made Pistacio Salad! My new favorite fruit salad.

Note: I didn't remember to take photos of the buttered corn, mashed red potatoes and it's beef gravy, and the jello that P made.

One of our guests brought this yummy cake!