Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Season

A couple hours after the Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we drove to Winona to be with P's parents. I could have done a lot of shopping on Friday but I chose to be with P's parents. I love talking and listening to them. I enjoy listening to my DIL's very interesting stories. It helps me know my husband's family more. P was busy shopping for computers. He bought a notebook for his parents. He was busy setting the thing up the whole day. Isabelle had great time playing and running around the house unsupervised by her mommy. She and I also went for a walk with my SIL and her two daughters later in the afternoon. The rest of P's family got to my PIL's place late afternoon that day. P's uncles also arrived- one from Porland, Oregon and the other from Rochester. We all went to Timbers for dinner. I had Fillet Mignon!

On Saturday, we had another Thanksgiving Dinner with P's immediate family. My MIL makes great food. I love this particular dinner she prepares each year. She makes really perfect Turkey.
Mom's Turkey with Bubbot!

P's plate

My plate

We drove home from Winona right after supper on Saturday. It was a quiet drive being that we didn't have to listen to Isabelle's funny songs because she was sleeping the whole time we were driving! We had to be home that night because there would be another party at our house with P's uncle (Father's side) and his son's family right after church. It's a big plus that our church is just across the street of us. So, P's uncle and his cousin with his family came. They brought this most delicious roast beef I've ever had in my entire life! The beef was organic and I'm sure its great taste didn't just come from its being organic. He later told me that he used Lipton Onion Soup Mix to create that magic taste. They ended up staying until dinner. P's cousin made the best New York strip steak for Paul and his brother. I ended up eating half of P's steak. It was tastier and more tender than the Fillet Mignon I had in Winona. Watching him make the steak, I've learned a strategy to make the steak tender. I won't tell you though!

I am pretty sure I put on extra weight over the weekend. I don't mind though. The last thing I would do was think about my figure on Thanksgiving season. Is it not supposed to be a season of food at least in America? One thing I notice though, is that people here aren't really showing gratefulness more on this season. I want to see how they show their thankfulness to God for all the blessings we received from Him. I don't see thankfulness in eating great meals. That is why on Thanksgiving Day, our small way of thanking God was to make ourselves a family for those whose families are thousands miles away.


Aisha said...

Food looks amazing! Good to know you had a great one!

janet said...

woahhh... food, food, glorious food!!! LOL. you had sooo much food. hehehe. and they're all looking so delicious. it must be fun celebrating Thanksgiving there.