Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Winona, MN

My husband grew up in Winona, MN. It is about 2 hours worth of driving from where we are in the cities. Winona is a home of some 27,000 people. It is known by it's landmark up on a bluff, they call Sugar Loaf (Click on it to know why they call it a Sugar Loaf). It is also known for its pretty drive along the Mississippi River. The bluffs are dramatically beautiful as they change their colors through the seasons. I love driving to Winona, especially in the Fall, when the leaves are showing colors.

This is the house where Paul spent the first 2 decades in his life.

More photos of Winona (Click on the play button)

When I was taking BHW (Behind the wheel) course with my father-in-law, I got to see the old mansions in the downtown of Winona. My FIL would tell me fascinating stories about the people who own them. Here are a few of them... My favorite is the one on the third picture.

Last Saturday, Paul and I went a for a very short date before the Thanksgiving meal at his parents' house was served. We went driving around Winona and took some photos. Here are the photos...

In High School, Paul was kind of famous for his pitching skills in Baseball. Visiting his school last Saturday made me think that my husband is really not just an ordinary man. Inside his school, I spotted a plaque on a wall where a board displaying the Hall of Fame in that school is also hanged. The plaque says... "Paul B. Martens College Scholarship Award" And it's got all the names of the recipients of the said scholarship. This scholarship award was created by his coach back in High School in honor of Paul. His coach was convinced that all baseball pitchers in high school must aspire to pitch like Paul.

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