Monday, December 29, 2008

December Madness- Christmas Shopping

I did Christmas shopping this year much more than I did in the past. It's ironic because some of the people I am close to back in the Philippines were worried of the economic situation in the US at present. But I somehow noticed that the stores have been panicking that people were not going to do a lot of shopping this year that they mark down their prices like crazy. That's really true at least with Old Navy and Victoria Secret. Even though we lost some money in some of our investments, we are so positive that the economy will get better. My husband has a really good understanding of the economy and he is not worried at all. And if we really think about it, we are still in good shape here in America because stores are dropping their prices to make people buy more. The gas price has been amazingly dropping from $4 a few months ago to $1.50 per liter! See, one should really study economics to understand what it means to be in economic crisis. One can't just say that we are heading toward economic depression without studying what it means. We are so far from that state. And with global economy, whatever is going on in the economy in the US affects the economies of other countries. It is so not right to say that we are heading toward depression! People are still eating and enjoying the luxury of having everything they need and want. But... I am still against the whole thing on the "bail out" issue! I'll talk more about it later. Anyway, I enjoyed shopping this month with my little girl. She has changed a lot. I know I had said in the past that she hated shopping. But somehow, she has learned to love it. Here are a few proofs... But yes, we shopped for only what were needed for Christmas and for our upcoming trip to the Philippines.

These photos were taken at Forever 21 store at MOA

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Gigi said...

Ate di si belle kay amoda gaud ikaw nan gamayay pa kita! hahahaha!! cute jud sya. I really enjoy the photos!
How i wish pod nga magkasama na ta ug christmas bisan one time da amo?