Monday, December 29, 2008

December Madness- Christmas Decors

Like what I had said before we didn't plan to buy a live Christmas tree this year to make it a little different from the past Christmas. And it also turned out to be a good decision because our house was totally out of shape because we had to move our furniture and appliances from the kitchen and dining area to our living room because of the tiling project. The said project went longer than planned so we had a messy and dusty house a week before Christmas eve. I got a little bummed because we were expecting guests over for Christmas. Good, they didn't mind arriving to a dusty house. In fact, one of them stayed longer and helped me make the house look a little festive. I'm just happy that on Christmas eve, the house was almost back to normal for our friends who joined us on our Christmas dinner.

For my mother, who was and is so fond of decorating our house on Christmas, I took these photos of my Christmas decors...
Izzy and I decorated our giant wreath in our pj's.
Almost done!
Finally done!
Done done! Waiting for daddy to help us hang it.
On it's perfect place between our living room and kitchen.

The wreath on our main entrance.
something red for our guest room downstairs

Christmas treats for our curio.
On our dining table

At the corner of entry way...
Izzy's favorite Christmas decor in the living room... it lights up and plays Christmas music.

Christmas treatment for our music box...

Poinsettias... a gift from a friend.

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litlit said...

Wow! Your christmas decors were all late of visiting here....Happy New Year to you and your family