Monday, December 29, 2008

December Madness- Gifts

I had said that I did more Christmas shopping this year than I ever did before. I don't know why!!! I had fun wrapping gifts and writing cards this year! I also noticed that I got a little more emotional recalling our Christmas celebrations growing up. It made me a little sad to think that it's been many years now that I've been celebrating Christmas away from my Filipino family. Many years! But I guess it happens to people, like me. My joy on Christmas time is giving! I'm blessed that I have a generous husband. There is an unspeakable joy in giving, especially, to those who can't have the certain things that make them a little happier if you don't give.

Anyway, this year Paul gave me a very special gift. It's a gift certificate to a very nice spa salon. I can't wait to be pampered for a day there soon. It's funny because I wasn't thinking that he would give me an expensive gift this year because we already spent so much on gifts for family and friends. But he did! That's so sweet of him. My gift for him was a $7 pj set and a $20 dress shirt. He was happy though. Izzy was also happy to get Dora and Princess pj sets from us. She is the one with a lot of gifts this year from family and friends. We just wished people just gave her money for her savings because she doesn't really need more stuff. But we are thankful anyway because what is important is that people are showing love to her in their own ways.

If I didn't give this shirt to him, he would never have it because he won't be buying it on his own. He is so content with a few clothes. But he loves the shirt. It's his very first striped dress shirt.

Gift certificate to Ambiance!!!

NOw her mommy doesn't have to wash her pj's more often.

One candy cane per Christmas is definitely enough!

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Gigi said...

Giving gifts! wow nice gifts!
Nindot raba jud ang feeling kung makdawat ug gifts.