Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Madness- Parties

Our Christmas party this year was with friends who live just a few miles from us. We were not supposed to come to their party because we got already invited by our Somali friends to a birthday party. It was snowing hard that day and P didn't really feel like driving all the way to Edina to attend the birthday party, so we canceled it and went to our friends' Christmas party instead. It was a really nice party. We got to meet the husband's side of the family who flew all the way from South Africa to visit them. We have met the wife's side of the family last summer, so it was nice to get to meet the other side. The food they served was all American I guess... I guess I was hoping I would get to try some South African food but maybe that's for next time. We had the game-version of exchanging gift and it was fun. Izzy and I got a giant pencil from that game. After the game, we were led a to their spacious project/music/education room and the husband started handing music sheets and play the piano. We all sang Christmas songs. They're were more or less 40 people and each one was a great singer, so that the house was so full of wonderful music that night. It was wonderful!

Everybody was singing at the party, except for Izzy and Zoe, the party hosts' baby girl!

Our second Christmas party was at our house right after our candlelight service at church. The third one was in Winona, at Paul's parents' house with everyone in his side of the family. R, P's oldest brother and I had a little carolling the night before the party. I sang while he played the piano. We also had a huge concert from Isabelle and two of cutest cousins as they all played one piano together at the same time and were singing their own different songs... yes, at the same time! They sang to the top of their voice too... that made it really funner and funnier! The following morning, we opened our gifts. We all got really nice gifts, except for Paul who decided to ask the "gift givers" to buy The Way of the Master books for him to give to the pastors in the Philippines. I love him! That is so him... he can easily spot a great need and want to be one who provides for the need. Made me more and more proud of him.

Izzy got a big Veggie Tales book from her grandma and grandpa among other gifts.

Our fourth Christmas party this year was with my Filipino-American group of friends. Well, if you hear the words Filipino and party, then think of f-o-o-d!!! It was definitely a feast! We had it at the house of one of our friends, who is the favorite "ate" of all. Last year, we had it at our house and it sure was jammed packed by happy laughing "pinays". Anyway, the party this year was also a lot of fun. We had a few good games and gift giving. In our culture, we don't give wish list out and we don't necessarily draw names for gift giving. So it was fun to give and get gifts that were not expected. We love the surprise factor in gift giving and we truly treasure whatever we receive. Well, it was another wonderful party that brought Filipino friends much closer to each other! Thank you, Lord!

If you think that's a lot of food, think more because that table was just one of the few places were food was set! See the lechon? That night, Izzy ate lechon like that of someone who has never eaten anything for a week!

P's eating lots of lechon too!

"Re-bonding" with friend, Lorelei and her 2-month old baby girl, named, Audry.

That shows barely half of the people who crowded Ate Debra's house.

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