Monday, December 29, 2008

December Madness- Special friend

One of my former students in Mongolia, who now go to college in Massachusetts, visited us and spent Christmas with us. She got to MN on a heavy snowy day. Surprisingly, her flight wasn't delayed. We took her to the Mall of America and other places for window and actual shopping... it was actually to bring her somewhere because our house was a mess. We explained the situation at our house before we brought her home. She didn't mind... and our guest room downstairs that she occupied over for several days was fine. She is just like a little sister to me, so she wasn't really bothered by the inconvenience. In fact, she helped me clean up a little bit. She also helped me prepare for the Christmas dinner.

I met Chuka back when she was only 15 years old. It's about 6 years ago. She was in my TOEFL review class at the language center where I was teaching at for a few years. She joined my Bible study group in my apartment and got born again. She considers her being in the states now as one of God's many great blessings in her life. She is going to be a junior soon and has continued to grow in her faith in Jesus. I am proud of what she has become now!

We spent hours and hours of talking. We are kind of the same as to loving chit-chats. We both like to sit down, do nothing but talk! In our talks we covered so many topics including our memories back in Mongolia, of course. We decided that people like us really bond together by sit-and-talk time as oppose to other who bond by doing things together.

Her visit is difinitely one of the best gifts I received this year. She has made me feel important that she would travel far and spend money to come see me and she is one who works hard to earn that money. Thanks minii duu!

Izzy and I and Chuka at MOA

Chuka and me at our friends' church in Minneapolis downtown.

They clicked almost immediately!

At our church on Christmas eve.

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