Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Madness- Marble Tiles

Tiling our hard floors was really the reason we had December madness. The "tile" man, who Isabelle calls Mr. Roger, owed my husband 8 days of work and he had the time to pay that amount of work to us by tiling our hard floors the last three weeks. It was madness! Christmas was coming and here our house was in complete chaos. It all started when they moved all the furniture and appliances from the kitchen to the living room. When they started tearing out the vinyl and the flat wooden board from the floor, thick dust was all over everything, including my pretty "Christmassy" window treatments. But I decided to just be okay with the temporary state of our house thinking that the tiling won't last long. What was planned to be a 2-day project in the kitchen turned out to last for a week! I admit I was a little disappointed because we were expecting company over Christmas time. But when they came, they were very considerate and were even happy to help me clean up. My hubby was very busy with painting jobs and came home doing what Mr. Roger left unfinished. But when the tiling was finally over, our floors look fantastic! These marble tiles were imported from the Philippines. We wanted to support the Philippine economy in this little way. The tiling is actually an initial make-over for our house. We are planning to change all the wood work in the house and enamel it. Part of the make-over project would be the recarpeting of our floor on the second level. P believes that it is healthy to put on new carpets after 5 years. So, there we go... can't wait to pick a lighter color and get rid of the old purple! Well, I am not talking about the Vikings, Okay? We are so happy for the Minnesota Vikings Team! They are in the play-offs! P and I will be watching their first play-offs game at the dome on Sunday! Go, Vikings! It's funny how Vikings got in here... I was just talking about our marble tiles! LOL!

Paul, grouting the spaces between tiles! He works soooooo fast and excellently!!!

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