Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend Blurb

Last weekend was a busy time for me and my family. We spent the whole day shopping. We thought we would be done with all the shopping we need for Christmas gifts and the things we need for our trip to the Philippines in less than two months but we were not even halfway there. We ended up buying stuff that we didn't really plan on buying. I never planned to buy a pair of jeans and a Prada purse. We didn't plan to buy Paul a new Ipod and a dress shirt. I didn't even plan on buying Izzy a new rag doll and outfits. So what's up with all this? Well, that's what you get for going out shopping on a December Saturday. Sales were everywhere. You thought the stores are giving away stuff for free but really if you think about it, they are making more money to get you to shop on their big sale days. But anyway, it was fun! We closed that day watching the movie Prince Caspian.

Sunday, right after church, we checked out the World Buffet just 5 minutes away from us. We had heard of it a few times from friends before but we could not get ourselves excited about it because once upon a time we decided to say no to buffet restaurants. That's when Paul got a food poisoning after a buffet lunch in Moorhead. But somehow we went to World Buffet and saw that they have a whole lot of food variety. All the food looked yummy! So we decided to eat there. We even met two young Filipino guys who are working for NWA here for a 6-month period. It was fun talking to them. After lunch, I did more shopping while Paul and Izzy spent time together playing, reading and watching a football game on TV at home. When I came home from shopping, I started writing Christmas cards. I still have more to write. Off to do that...

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janet said...

well.. i can understand the buying of things not planned... we do the same thing when we are in a shopping mood esp when it's on sale. we haven't finished our Christmas shopping yet. I am hoping to finish by this week.