Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"The Lord [will] bring to light the things hidden in the darkness" (1 Cor. 4:5).

I wrote about Todd Bentley a couple months ago, how I had apprehensions about his life and ministry. My only goal of investigating him was to make sure I do not follow a self-proclaimed revivalist/prophet who is leading people away from the Truth and to warn others from running after the so called anointing that this man is imparting. I mentioned about how I struggled to write that blog, that was mainly because it would offend a few close friends of mine who professed loyalty to this man. I didn't want to lose any of my friends, but on the other hand, it grieved me to see them receiving "fire"
through the hands of Bentley. As a caring friend, I love my friends enough to desire and pray that God will open their eyes of understanding and see the Truth.

Last week, the news about Todd Bentley undergoing a separation process from his wife shocked me. I shouldn't be surprised. But I was. I realized that all this while, even with all the negative reports I received about him, I was giving him the benefit of a doubt. The news was all over the blog world. It has become the hot topic for quarrels among thousands of bloggers. Bentley's loyal followers are frustrated but are not tired of defending him, saying, "God uses imperfect vessels." But with the news that I've just read a few minutes ago, I have a question to all of Bentley's avid followers. If your own pastor is having an affair, seeking to divorce his wife, struggling with alcoholism and is not showing any evidence of repentance, would you still follow him? Would you still let him lay hands on you for "anointing" impartation? I would not. Instead, I would run away from him as the Scripture warns us to.

Here are the links to the latest news on Bentley. But before going there, please pray for Bentley and his followers, however the Spirit leads you.


Gigi said...

Oh What a shocking!
Pero ana jud na we can't really predict unsa ang mahitabo labi na sa mga alagad sa Ginoo kay grabe ang attack ni taning ug family jud unahon.
That's why jud we have to pray for our husbandry! hehehehehe nga ilikay sa mga panuway nga mga bubay!Mga pahakins! hehehe.
But thanks anyway ani kay kibale wa jud ko kabalo ani! Good warning for us! Dili jud mag bulag hangtud sa kamatayon Amen!

Ombod said...

That means God is only perfect,
We are on the process of perfection through Christ Jesus. It is a daily walk and talk.
We may have memorized everything bvut its different if we live what we believe in Christ,
It is only God who knows everything, wehther positive or negative situation, God has a purpose of everything. We may not understand but God does.
Pray for us also.

Ombod said...

"Its a daily walk and not talk"