Friday, August 8, 2008

My Political Honey

Governor Tim Pawlenty, right after his endorsement speech for Tara Mack. By the way, I'm not that short... it's just that... oh, well never mind. LOL!

When Paul was elected at the caucus as a delegate to the Republican convention, he has been meeting important political figures in the state of Minnesota. Last night, I went with him to the reception for Tara Mack who is running for the office of State Representative. Governor Tim Pawlenty was there to endorse her. We got to talk to him. It wasn't our first time to see him because he goes to the mega church in the suburb of MN that we used to go to. We saw him there as an ordinary church member, but last night it was different because he talked to us as a powerful political figure, who could very soon be the next Vice President. Apparently, he is McCain's personal choice. But even if he won't end up running for the VP position, he will surely be in an important position in the national government. I would be jumping up and down if he would end up the VP. We need a godly person in that position, especially that it seems to me that McCain's spiritual beliefs are out of whack.

The reception last night brought back so many memories to me. I was only in college when I was very involved in organizing political campaigns in our city. After college, I was working for the top government official and his family (literally including his extended family) in our province (equivalent to a state here) for 6 consecutive years. It was totally crazy years! Especially during election time. I thought those where the days and that I'm completely over "politics" fever but now that Paul is involved in it, I don't know... seems to me like the passion is being nursed back to life. We'll see.

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