Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's #2 is a Beauty Titlist!

Yesterday morning was never one of those lazy ones for me and Izzy. For one, Paul was home. He took a day off from work so we could go to the State Fair in St. Paul. But what really gave us the jump start in the morning was the excitement to find out who McCain would choose to run as his Vice President. In the middle of our breakfast, Paul checked the news in the internet and found out that McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate. As early as 9 am we turned on the TV to see who this woman was and what kind of personality she had. We could not afford to see another effusive and angry woman. We could not wait to find out if she was one of those crabby, sassy celebrity-faced politicians!

After two and a half hours, McCain and his family finally appeared on stage at the campaign event in Ohio live on Fox news. When he introduced Palin, we were so happy to see a woman with so much grace, sincere smile, confidence and authentic beauty. When she spoke, her voice and gestures were so feminine and her words were a breath of fresh air. Her speech was definitely inspiring as opposed to the disheartening speeches of the two famous women in the Democratic Party. She didn't tear opponents down but praised their determination and grace in their dream to lead the country. Watching her and her lovely family on stage made me think that she wasn't one of those traditional politicians who crave for power. Well, it is such a relief to see a sane politician in the midst of all the outlandish politicism that is going on in this country.

To know more about Governor Sarah Palin...

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momgen said...

wow i am impress of your post and indeed hubby and i are very curious of this woman and frankly i like her.

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